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Breaking: Install and Purchase Apps from BlackBerry App World Website!

App World Installer We knew this was coming but when Nikolaus let me know it was live I was a bit shocked. You would think that RIM would make a big deal of allowing you to purchase, download, and install both paid and free apps directly through the App World Webstore website. The purchasing part seems to still hang for me and though it did work once but I have successfully downloaded and installed free apps through the website.

Update: Payment options are currently Carrier Billing, PayPal, and Credit Card payments!

You will need to download and install a new App World Installer (under 1MB MSI Installer) to be able to install apps through your desktop browser but surprisingly it did not require a restart even though it did ask me to restart.

So what do you think of this new capability? I am just happy that we have more than the crappy “send link to your BlackBerry” option! Better yet would be the ability to initiate an install on your BlackBerry through the website without having to plug it in. I would also be happy if RIM added the ability to see what software you have installed previously.

blackberry app world installer App World payment

Let us know if you manage to successfully purchase an app through the App World website or even if you get the website to install a free app. Kudos to the RIM App World team for rolling this out. Still I thought they would at least make an announcement about it…

Blackberry app world purchase App World Installer2

App World Installer3 BlackBerry app world sign in
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  1. Bizarre. It didn’t install an extension on either my Firefox or my Chrome. Just MSIE.

  2. Tried it last night and worked perfectly using google chrome

    • I couldn’t get it to do a thing in Chrome. But once I logged into my work laptop as local admin, got the installer by logging in vie MSIE8, now when I go back in with Chrome as a user login it seems to be working fine.

  3. I first found this using Chrome (Beta 7.0.x)

  4. Been playing with this more today. Yesterday I could update Copter from 1.2 to 1.3. Today it will let me, and told me that a restart will be required. When the update was complete it just restarted my BlackBerry. There was no “Restart Now or later”. This is frustrating.

  5. This has been needed for a while..however, most of my purchases are through Mobihand, and I don’t see that changing. Good move by RIM though.

  6. This is great for faster app downloading and browsing then you can do from you handset. However RIM still needs to keep pushing their appworld because most people I know don’t use it or even buy an app ever.

  7. I have an 8330 running OS 5 so I’m short on my space. That’s why I don’t have AppWorld installed on my phone. So this really does nothing for me since it requires that I have AppWorld on the phone.

  8. “So what do you think of this new capability?”
    I say bah humbug. This does NOTHING for me. What I want is one of two things:
    a) Browse and buy from my PC, account linked to my App World account, and once items are “bought” I can launch App World on my phone when it’s convenient for me and the apps are there ready to be downloaded/installed. The little App World icon would appear on my phone reminding me I have apps queued up for download/install.
    b) Browse and buy from my PC, but without needing App World installed on my phone. This would especially help folks with RAM limited devices. PC App World then sends my phone a PIN message (no, not an email or a SMS, a PIN message; this IS BlackBerry after all) that looks just like App World notifications look now in your inbox but when opened it just launches the download in the browser.

    For me, OTA is where it’s at. I don’t EVER want to side-load another app over USB.

    The browser plugin requires Admin rights to install. So if you’re thinking of trying this at work and you don’t have local or domain admin login ability on your PC, don’t waste your time!

  10. Not working for me. I get this message every time.

    “Unable to create the loader Active X Control

    Please review your security settings and user priviledges on this machine.”

    I have checked every setting and turned down all security settings and nada. Not even going to try anymore. It was making me use Internet Explorer which I HATE with a passion.

    So frustrating…

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