BlackBerry Style Product Manager Randy Carson Interviewed

randy blackberry style The Official Inside BlackBerry Blog team has been doing a great job of interviewing the product managers of BlackBerry devices as they launch. With the announcement of the BlackBerry Style 9670 they just released a new interview where Becky asks BlackBerry Style Product Manager Randy Carson a few questions about the device.

When I first saw pictures of the device I wondered who would want a flip smartphone until I spoke to my wife. She throws her BlackBerry in her bag every day where buttons are pressed accidentally all the time. The flip form factor is perfect for those situations because it only exposes a status screen while hiding the keys from accidentally dialing your boss while you are taking an extended lunch. πŸ™‚ Randy covers everything from how the device came to be to how they chose the β€œStyle” name.

The most telling question and answer in my opinion is:

As a flip phone, the BlackBerry Style has an interesting form factor. Why was this chosen?

Our market research has shown that there are a lot of people that prefer a flip form factor. They feel most comfortable opening the device to answer a call, and closing to hang up. They also like being able to close the device and know they can put it in their pocket or purse and not have to worry about accidental dialing. Being able to discretely check the external display screen to see incoming messages is also a great feature afforded by the form factor.

Check out the full interview at the official BlackBerry Insider blog

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