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BlackBerry Storm 3 9570 Shows Up in CellBrite Transfer Software

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The BlackBerry Storm 3 9570 was supposedly toast according to the latest rumors. I have heard from quite a few sources confirming that rumor but nothing super solid. The crazy thing it that it seems like the 9570 was pretty far into the production process and 3rd party support software like the CellBrite personal data transfer software for retailers.

The BlackBerry Storm 3 9570 was spotted by both TheBerryFix and BerryReporter in the CellBrite transfer system… With all the incremental refreshes RIM has released it is interesting to see that RIM is finally changing their course even this late in a production cycle.

Hopefully that means a QNX powered BlackBerry Storm model is right around the corner… 🙂

Kudos to SamK for sending these in!

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  1. A couple comments:
    1. I don’t believe that “9570” and “Storm 3” are the same device. My belief is that 9570 was the Storm 2 Refresh, cancelled because the Storm 3 is imminent.
    2. My take on the rumors du jour is that we will see a “Storm 3” launch on Verizon next month (November 2010) and it will look like the Torch but without the slide out keyboard. In other words, it’ll be the device we saw the leaked Indonesian photo of a few weeks back here on BerryReview.
    3. My gut tells me RIM will take the QNX opportunity to scrub the entire product family top to bottom. Well, we can dream right? Hard to guess though if the current generation “family names” (Pearl, Style, Curve, Bold, Storm, Torch) will all make the cut to a revamped product line. Are six distinctly different models enough, or too many, or ???
    4. We aren’t going to see a smartphone from RIM with QNX-based OS until AFTER the BlackPad launch. RIM has GOT to make themselves relevant to more than just hard core enterprise, and they must KNOW that. THey can’t be so blind as to see themselves going the way of Palm. Hopefully they are making a full court press on Neutrino (BlackBerry 7?) and as early as feasible a BlackPad launch. Every day they delay means more iPad (soon to be MUCH more what with Walmart and Target and Verizon etc. all selling it now) in the market, and Android tablets are going to ramp up VERY quickly at or just after the holidays.

    OK, just some Monday morning speculation. Back to your regular news channel now.

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