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Shooger Releases Free Mobile Coupon App with 100K Coupons and Offers

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In case you don’t know Shooger is a mobile coupon platform which offers consumers local and national deals and coupons through your phone. They just announced their new BlackBerry app which gives you access to 100,000 coupons and offers from their app. Once again this app came out for the iPhone and Android platforms first even though BlackBerrys have the largest share of smartphones in the US but who is counting… 🙂

The BlackBerry app includes:

  • Location-based offers: Find deals by proximity, category and keyword
  • Maps and click-to-call: Click on a coupon for maps, driving directions, the merchant’s website and a click-to-call option
  • Coupon redemption: Show the merchant the Shooger coupon on your mobile device for the discount
  • Clip and follow to save: Clip coupons to save them and follow favorite merchants to receive alerts when new deals become available

Either way you can download the new Shooger app at this link in App World and start finding money-saving deals on everyday services and products like pizza, manicures and car washes

Note: The Shooger app is available for BlackBerrys with OS 4.6+

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  1. I like your comment, Ronen. It’s clear and it’s (mostly) factual:

    “Once again this app came out for the iPhone and Android platforms first even though BlackBerrys have the largest share of smartphones in the US but who is counting…”

    It’s time developers consider the vast majority of BlackBerry users out there; however, I must admit two issues with your comment:

    1. Many BlackBerry users (BES users) are restricted from downloading apps.

    2. RIM has yet to manage to solve the issue of installing apps in device memory rather than RAM! If folks like me have no RAM left in the device, I won’t install any apps at all. I’m even ignoring certain upgrades as they are significantly larger than the previous versions, which means I’ve got to remove other apps to accommodate it. Going to 512 MB RAM in the new devices is still not sufficient! RIM also needs to allow apps to be installed and run from device memory; yes, they will still run in RAM, but that whole issue of archiving to device memory or flash is ridiculous!

    I’ve also complained many times about having this annoying low memory warning that asks me to REMOVE installed apps in order to save memory! How utterly ridiculous!!! Instead it should ask me which apps to CLOSE or give me the option to reboot!

    • Hi Joe,
      Mostly factual? 🙂

      Its very true that many BES users are restricted but over 50% of BlackBerry users are consumers with no BES which still counts for at least 15%+ of the smartphone market.

      I asked about installing apps on media cards and its not going to happen with BlackBerry 6. They tried but there is some stupid restriction that does not make it possible. I gave them an earful about that but it is coming with the QNX OS.

      • Installing apps to media cards is a definite no-no. It’s a huge security risk as it allows malware to be “installed” into the system and executed without any protection mechanisms. RIM will never allow it. I’m pretty sure it won’t happen in BlackBerry 7 either with or without QNX Neutrino.

        What I’m after is installing in device memory. Device memory is not removable so the risks of running apps from it are greatly minimized compared with running from flash memory (media cards). For me, device memory is pretty useless as I install all my documents and files on the flash card. It’s a perfect place to install apps!

      • Don’t take it personally. I said “mostly factual” because although BlackBerrys are the #1 smartphone in the world, the actual number of BlackBerrys that can download and install apps is about half that number due to BES restrictions.

        You do an awesome job with many excellent articles which I enjoy reading.

        • I didnt take it personally I was just curious 🙂

          Yeah I know why RIM does not allow installation on removable memory though I heard from a friend there that they are considering it for consumer apps. They are already doing it with Widgets or any app that uses SQLite as a database which is stored on the memory card or internal built in memory.

  2. Is this only for the US or for Canada as well?

  3. Is anyone else having an issue with downloading the app? Other apps are downloading fine but not this one. I’ve gone through the usual troubleshooting but all it does is hang at “Downloading” with no progress.

  4. I tried the web based site first and there are no deals/coupons for any Canadian cities I tried.

  5. Yes, I’ve been trying to download for days… I’ve rebooted, pulled the battery, tried wi-fi and wireless. Still hangs at 0%.

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