BlackBerry Protect To Work on BES 5.0.3 Enabled Devices?

BES document blackberry blackberry protect The latest leaked release notes for BES 5.0.3 just keep on giving. Jimmy spotted another IT Policy in the release notes that is titled:

  • Allow BlackBerry Shield Application

As we mentioned in our early review, the current beta of BlackBerry Protect does not work on BES enabled devices. This was a real bummer since there are tons of BES users who would like to have a backup of their personal information stored on their BlackBerry and not just their work information. The weird thing is that this IT policy calls BlackBerry Protect by its original name “BlackBerry Shield” which is odd…

It could be that this change of pace is because of RIM’s new IT Policies to restrict interactions between work information and personal information that they introduced in BES 5.0.2. They have added a few more policies to restrict access between corporate info and personal applications in BES 5.0.3. Specifically they have added:

  • Enable Separation of Work Content
  • Work Domains
  • Disable Forwarding of Work Content Using Personal Channels
  • Require Work Resources for Conducting Work Activities

I am not sure exactly what all of these IT policies add but I can get a basic idea of not sharing work emails on Twitter or Facebook. The thing is that these IT policies are only for OS 6.0+ BlackBerry devices though the new “Allow BlackBerry Shield” policy does not have those requirements so I may be wrong…

What do you think?

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