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Kingston Releases Class 4 32GB MicroSDHC Card

kingston 32gb Now that SanDisk 32GB MicroSDHC cards are selling for sub $100 prices Kingston has upped the ante. The current batch of cards are abysmally slow at Class 2 speeds. That translates into a minimum sustained transfer rate of 2mbps when writing to the card.

Kingston announced a new line of Class 4 MicroSDHC cards at 32GB capacity. That bumps up the minimum transfer rate to 4mbps. The only problem is they plan on charging a MSRP of $153+. The cards start shipping this week so we should see what street prices are soon.

As a side note there are some Komputerbay 32GB MicroSDHC cards selling on Amazon for about $125 that claim to be Class 6 but so far there has only been one review giving it about a class 4 speed rating. Still if you can live with a smaller brand it may be worth checking out.

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  1. I recall a knowledge base article at one time that listed what devices by OS version supported what size cards, but I don’t recall ever seeing a hardware tech spec saying what Class the various models can support? I mean, there’s no point buying a Class 10 if your Blackberry only supports Class 2, right?

  2. That cheap card looks like a counterfeit imo…

    • You are correct sir, that is not the official card. I should know because I bought the official 32gb class 4 Kingston micro sd card. I bought it from Frys (in store) for $109+tax. I thought I was getting a great deal, I THOUGHT…

      This card proved to be a big piece of crap barely peeking out 2.5+MB/write speeds. Its junk for that price. I dare anyone to buy that card and do better!

      I did a comparison test with SanDisk 16gb Class 2 micro sd that came with my HD2.

      Writing to both cards at the same time with the same data, the SanDisk class 2 was faster with write speeds nearing 3.5MB and finished a lot earlier than Kingston.

      Fortunately Verizon Wireless stores are selling the SanDisk 32gb Class 2 micro sd cards for $100 now so I went and picked one of those up.

      I have yet to test the SD 32gb card in write speed but it did come with, in addition to the card, a SD adapter and a USB adapter. The Kingston came with only a SD adapter.

      • Okay did the testing with the SanDisk 32gb class 2 card. Write speeds were on average 5.5MB/second.

        The kingston just got progressively worse, getting so slow it was writing about 1.7MB/second.

        Writing on the card states:
        Micro SD
        HC Class 4 (the number “4” is encased in a capital “C”)
        32 GB
        C326 JAPAN
        Kingston (registered trademark symbol) SDC4/32GB 00FCC V

  3. My friend got about 3mbps constant on that komputerbay card.. On sandisk he got about 4mbps…
    I remember samsung said they were gona sell microsd 32gb.. But where isit??

  4. has a 32gb card for 115 plus $6 shipping

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