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Free BlackBerry Utilities From BBKeeper – CallAssist, Engineering Screen Generator, and Tasks

CallAssist BBKeeper contacted me about some free utilities he is working on that are currently in public beta. The most impressive one is CallAssist which adds a few features to your BlackBerry that many people could use. Here is a list of the features:

  • Vibrate when connected
  • Ask you to add numbers not in your address book after you get off the phone with the option to add to an existing contact
  • Popup new SMS (Doesn’t work in OS 6 yet)
  • Blinking LED on incoming call with color options
  • Blinking LED on new SMS with color options
  • Vibrate during call every set amount of seconds to let you know how many minutes have passed

That is a pretty impressive feature set for a free/donationware app. You can download Call Assist at this link OTA or ask BBKeeper about it in our forums. Just remember to change the language when you fire up the app to English. Its the first option.

BBKeeper also has a few other utilities worth noting if you are hunting around for such a thing. Check them out at these forum threads:

Let us know what you think of the apps.

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  1. Looks same like AddOnIs…ofcourse this is free beta one….I am not saying this app is bad, I have AddOnIs, BerryBuzz and BerryPopup which serves my purpose 🙂


    • That’s why i am working hard to provide an all-in-one app like this one. So you guys don’t have to install every others. Just 1 app serves most needs. Switch ON/OFF what you need to.

      And it will be free for sure.

      By the way, i changed the name from CallAssist to Option+ now because it serves more than just Call functions.

      And of course, It still has bugs and please report bugs so i can fix it.

      Thanks and have fun 🙂

  2. I grabbed CallAssist and its working great on my BB 9700.

  3. By the way, it’s Option+ now and it has some new functions, the cool one is “Insert Contact” and “Flash Light” functions.

    Insert Contact: Appears in the Menu everywhere. If you are composing SMS or Email, and you want to insert a contact from your address book. Then just click Menu and choose Insert Contact, it will bring a Contact List and when u choose one, it will list all that contact’s numbers, u can choose 1 one among numbers or insert all. Then number(s) will be inserted to where u need it to.

    Flash Light: Appear everywhere as a Menu Item, it’s just a shortcut to launch the Video Recorder, if you haven’t set Flash ON by default then you need to do so, or you just press SPACE when in Video Recorder to switch Flash ON/OFF.

    Try it here:

    Remember to remove CallAssist before installing Option+

    And once again it’s still Beta and containing Bugs. Please report so i can fix it better.


    Louis (Keeper)

    • I installed and loved the app, but it made my Tour vibrate every 25 seconds, jsut a quick burst but very annoying….but other than that…it’s a wonderful app I like it much better than SMSPic. Thanks

  4. I think it was after I install that my profile edit refuse to open I can’t change my alert and notification profile only the phone ringtone others you can’t edit, Insert doesn’t work add contact also doesn’t , I had that vibrate every 25 second can’t remember what I did and it stopped

  5. I withdraw that comment back,It was the Nimbuzz update I installed sametime with option+ that was blocking my profile edit, had to removed it and everything worked fine the option+ is fantastic loved everything that came with it very good job well done

  6. I installed this app too, but I’ve issue:
    In the settings I select “Many color” for LED and after call my LED still bright with last color, if I choose one of color – issue disappeared.
    BB Bold 9650 OS
    Anyway, I like this app! thanks!

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