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Chart of Mobile Industry Lawsuits – Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

A good friend of mine is a patent lawyer and every time we talk the conversation somehow slips to the Mobile Patent War. It seems like the cool new thing to do in the mobile industry is “if you can’t beat them, SUE THEM!”

lawsuits guardian The Guardian decided to create a chart of who’s suing who in the mobile industry and RIM does not seem to have as many lawsuits as I thought… Still you have to admit this is getting a bit out of hand. This chart does not even include the patent trolls which would make it even larger. The design language team did a nice revision of the chart which makes it easier to visualize:

lawsuits better visually

I guess it has come to the point that if you aren’t suing somebody you just aren’t doing things right? Personally I think there should be wholesale copying where innovation is mimicked in every platform without an artificial limitations on innovation.

via Gizmodo

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  1. When you don’t give a rat’s ass about quality, your only weapon is taking out the competition, so the customers hopefully end up stuck with you.

  2. There is one reason that the NPE (“patent troll”) business model has become increasingly popular: it works. It is also legal, and often helps protect independent inventors and SMEs from exploitation of their intellectual property by larger, more powerful entities. Notably, it is almost invariably such multinational corporations that complain most about NPEs — because, before the latter became so prevalent, greedy corporations could more often infringe SMEs’ IP with impunity. Although abuse of the system should be condemned, most so-called trolls do nothing worse than Wall Street traders, for instance. Like it or not, NPEs are here to stay.

    • Sorry, can’t agree with the premise there. A large majority of “patent troll” lawsuits are from “companies” who have decided that rather than try to innovate, or try to actually create with the IP they hold, they are going to live by lawsuit. I’m all in favor of utilizing the courts to protect companies that hold IP and are trying to utilize it, but companies whose sole business model is to gather up IP and then go out looking for targets to sue IMHO have no purpose or value in this world. The courts should stop allowing these “patent troll” to continue being rewarded for doing nothing, and public domain the IP they hold.

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