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32GB MicroSDHC Cards Hit Sub-$100 Prices – $90 @Amazon

Amazon 32gb MicroSDHC When SanDisk first hit the streets with their 32GB MicroSDHC card they were pricing them in the stratosphere at $199.99. I was waiting for them to drop those prices to more reasonable levels which has finally started to happen. Terry let me know that Amazon is now selling a 32GB MicroSDHC SanDisk card for ~$90 through 3 different sellers. That is still far away from the ~$30 that 16BGB cards are selling for but its more reasonable.

The reason 32GB MicroSDHC cards have been taking their sweet time to go down in price is because they are the highest capacity supported by the MicroSDHC standard. Anything bigger and you will need a next generation SDXC technology which very few devices support.

The only catch with this $90 SanDisk MicroSDHC card is that it is only a Class 2 speed device. The class of a SD card tells you what the minimum sustainable transfer speed is for writing to the card. This cards minimum is only 2 mb/s which is slow compared to the better Class 4, 6, and 10 cards. On the other hand it seems like reviewers are getting a pretty consistent 4 mb/s out of the card so you might be in luck. Either way the read speeds are pretty good so it will only be a bottleneck when you are writing data to the card from your PC.

Either way if you are interested in a 32GB SanDisk MicroSDHC card you can pick one up no from Amazon for about $90 at this link.

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  1. I got my 16GB MicroSD card for $23 🙂 who the heck will pay $90 for 32GB!!! You know what I am happy with my 16GB for my BlackBerry… For $90 I can get a 2TB Western Digital External Hard Drive…oh did I forget to mention, I actaully got the 2TB Western Digital for $85 🙂 hahaha $90 for 32GB microSD card… what a piece of joke… I wouldn’t waste my money on it!

  2. I’m just glad they are coming down in price!

  3. Class 2 is lame. Not worth the money.

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