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Soti PC Pro App Controls your BlackBerry from your PC Wirelessly

filesync01 There have been quite a few tools over the years that let you control your BlackBerry from your PC but none have the feature set found in Soti Pocket Controller. In its basic form the app lets you control your BlackBerry from your desktop using your keyboard and mouse. It lets you do this over a wired connection and ALSO over a TCP/IP connection like your wireless network or even your 3G/EDGE connection. The app is pack loaded with features for everybody including a command line for users who just love that. It seems like Soti has transferred the knowledge they gained from creating enterprise BlackBerry remote control and support apps and created a sweet stand alone desktop option.

Here is my quick summary of some of the features:

  • Connection authentication to make sure only you can access your device
  • Remote device wipe lets you remotely wipe your BlackBerry
  • Great presentation tools for showing off your device in a webcast and drawing on the screen
  • Create recorded macros that are executed automatically
  • Task manager so you can view all running applications and processes and stop or kill apps that are causing problems
  • Recording tool to record what you are doing on your BlackBerry and annotate it
  • File explorer and full sync to automatically or manually sync your data with your BlackBerry.
  • Manually or automatically sync your PC and mobile device clipboards!
  • System monitoring for battery, memory, and other information
  • Screen and video capturing into multiple formats with compression
  • Printing out screenshots or views of your BlackBerry screen

sysinfo01    clipsync01

As you can tell this is a pretty sweet application though it is targeted more at corporate users with its $35.95 price tag. I can see quite a few uses for such an app so I thought it would definitely be worth mentioning. Let us know if you pick it up!

You can find the full feature list below or read up on the Pocket Controller Pro for BlackBerry at this link on Soti’s website.

Feature list

Real-Time Remote Control

  • Control your mobile device from your desktop PC using your keyboard and mouse
  • Connect through your wired/wireless TCP/IP
  • Enhanced Record, playback and looping macro functionality allows you to automate tasks
  • Execute DOS commands via the Remote DOS Box
  • New Advanced Security:
    • Connection Authentication / Notification, ensures that only you or your authorized party can access your device remotely
    • Remote Device Wipe: Remove sensitive information from your device if it is lost or stolen

Presentation Tools

  • Create professional presentations by displaying your mobile device in real-time on a projection system via your desktop/laptop
  • Use the various presentations modes (e.g. Skinned Device Mode, Window Mode, and the New Skin in Window Mode) to maximize the effectiveness of your presentation
  • Display your mobile device against a solid color background or use your own custom webpage background
  • Choose skins for your mobile devices from SOTI’s Enhanced Skin Catalog which contains skins for virtually every mobile device on the market
  • Use web-conferencing software to do remote training/presentations of mobile software or hardware

Training Tools

  • Use Pocket Controller for BlackBerry® and project your desktop computer screen to train mobile device users
  • Use Pocket Controller for BlackBerry® along with web-conferencing to deliver training sessions to remote mobile users
  • Use the Enhanced Drawing tool to bring attention to a specific spot on your device screen or to illustrate a specific concept
  • Use the rich set of tools (e.g. File Explorer, Registry Editor, Task Manager etc.) to deliver technical training sessions

File Synchronization

  • Automatically or manually synchronize your data files (e.g. pictures, video files, documents, etc.) between your PC and mobile device
  • Configure convenient synchronization rules that suit your work and document management needs, to keep you up-to-date at all times
  • Manually or automatically synchronize your PC and mobile device clipboards

Service Book Support

  • View detailed information and monitor all of your Service Books
  • Remotely install packages for BlackBerry support, to correctly connect with servers and to perform certain web-based functions such as downloading attachments or receiving email.
  • Quickly improve BlackBerry efficiency and functionality, by controlling your mobile device through your desktop PC to retrieve missing Service Books and restore BlackBerry optimal performance.

Explore Tool

Transfer Files using Pocket Controller-Pro for BlackBerry® Explore Tool

  • Browse the file system of your mobile device as well as the file system of your desktop computer
  • Perform standard file management operations, such as: transfer files between your desktop computer and your mobile device, delete files, rename files, create folders and set file attributes
  • Search for files or folders on your mobile device
  • View and set read/write attributes for files and folders on your mobile device
  • Drag and drop files between your desktop computer and your mobile device

Task Manager

  • View detailed information about all running applications and processes.
  • Stop, or ‘kill’, an application or process on your mobile device that may be causing your device to misbehave

System Information

View and monitor vital system information, such as:

  • Battery Level
  • Memory Utilization
  • Operating System and Processor Information

Screen / Video Capture

Use the Enhanced  screen and video capture tools to record to a variety of image and video formats!

  • Capture screens to compressed GIF, BMP, JPG and PNG file formats, screen can also be copied to the windows clipboard for easy integration with third party applications
  • Supports Window Media Video (WMV) and Audio Video Interleave (AVI) output formats, which offer better compression and quality than regular formats (codecs).


Enhanced printing capabilities now allow more flexibility when printing in the various display modes

  • Create professional training materials by printing out mobile device screen shots
  • Print in portrait or landscape mode and at one of eight zoom levels
  • Print screen images with or without skins
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  1. I tried a competitor to Soti PC (Impatica viaDock) because it supports connecting via BlueTooth, and the results were lackluster. I have my laptop paired to my Tour, but viaDock does not recognize it, and I believe it is because the “Desktop Connectivity” and “Wireless Bypass” services are unchecked and grayed out on my handheld. My guess is that these are disabled in the Default IT policy on BESx, but I cannot find them to enable the services.

    Anyway, this looks like a nice alternative if Impatica’s support doesn’t get back to me soon. I don’t see anything about BlueTooth support, but 3G should be sufficient.

  2. Hi Derek, We are looking at Bluetooth support in a future version. If you do try us out, please post back some thoughts. We’re very interested in making Pocket Controller Pro for BB the best it can be. 🙂

    • Have a BB Bold 9700 that has white screen of death, and can’t get data off it. Will this help?

      Have tried older versions of desktop and can connect using app loader and sync manager but not backup. The BB is teasing me but won’t give up the fight 🙂

      Any ideas?

  3. I downloaded the trial version. I am *this* close to purchasing the app, but I don’t see how to connect via 3G. All I see is USB or WiFi. Any ideas?

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