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Dyson Pedestal Air Multiplier

Dyson Pedestal Air Multiplier

The summer is essentially over, but I finally got my hands on the newer Dyson Pedestal Air Multiplier.  I won’t rehash the science of how it works (you can find that here).  But Dyson has made their little blade-less fan bigger, stronger and more usable.
  • More Power: The engine base of the Pedestal is larger than the pedestal by 1 or 2 inches. I presume this added height houses a stronger engine or somehow otherwise gives it more power.
  • More Air: The added power is needed to pull air through the larger ring.  The result is a wider gust of air that goes farther than its sibling’s.  The website claims that the pedestal multiplier multiplies the air it takes in by 18, instead of the 15 times claimed by the desk multiplier.
  • More Pizzaz: The smaller Table Air Multipiers are designed fairly well and are more sleek. The new larger Pedestal Multipliers continue with all of the same designs but add a much needed remote into the mix. The remote is designed with a minimalist feel and matches the style and usability of the multiplier itself–stylish and easy to use.
  • Bottom line: If you are okay with the idea of spending a good amount money on a sexy gadget (I have a feeling you are), then the larger multiplier is a more justifiable serious machine than it’s younger sibling.  It’s a fan that is so sleek that I plan on keeping it out all winter.
  • Price: $449, at
  • Setup: The Multiplier is super-easy to put together, with stickers indicating where and how to snap the pieces into each other. See base photo.
  • Disclaimer: Dyson sent us a review unit to conduct this review.
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  1. What the **** does this have to do with BlackBerrys?

    • Its the holiday season coming up which means gift giving time. We are going to try and cover gadgets and tech that would make good gifts or simply toys many people will want. We just find it better than just sticking our heads in the ground and only talking BlackBerry. There are only so many BlackBerrys you can carry around 🙂

    • and i thought i was at the wrong site!

  2. And, I thought the site had been hacked!!
    A video review would have been nicer though.

  3. Lol Those fans are nearly as cool as Blackberrys so we’ll let you off 😉

  4. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t there a fan with blades in the base of the unit? How else do they get the air moving? So the whole premise of the “fan blades create chop – so we don’t use fan blades” is a lie? I understand the air is then ported up the tube into the diffuser, so the air that is accelerated through the ring doesn’t appear to have direct contact with any fan blades, but the unit still has a fan with blades. Sounds like anyone willing to spend that much money on something that is pure gimmick… Well, you get the idea.

  5. This mother effer is mad with his over priced products!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Very cool. Bring on the gadgets!

    I’ll write a review on my blog for one of these little rings of power. Dyson?

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