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On the way back home I decided to use my Torch 9800 to write up this recap of DEVCON and I have to say it is easier to get post done with this device.  Back to the subject this years DEVCON was full of good news, by far the biggest surprise of it all was the announcement of the PlayBook. It was a surprise even to some folks within RIM, according the ones I spoke to. We knew RIM had promise some great news and they did deliver, now we all just have to wait for it to launch. The addition of QNX is a huge deal for RIM since they are providing a much needed improvement to the software side of things and eventually will make its way to BlackBerry devices.

20100927-Tablet_front_300 Read more about the BlackBerry PlayBook:

Developer Tools
We got to test the new developer tools WebWorks and it doesn’t take much to learn specially for those that are familiar with HTML. What this translates to is the ability to make hybrid apps with rich graphic. This should make it easy for developers to make more integrated apps, better designs. Many developers shy away because developing for BlackBerry was much harder in the past. With the improve tools it should attract more developers.

hero_developers_5 If you are a developer check this out, a handful of new tools for you:

The available payment method will also help boost app sales with the addition of carrier billing. Developers will also be able to add payment options to their apps. Being able easily pay for apps with multiple options is something that made it harder for developers to make profits from their apps.

• BlackBerry Payment Service SDK Beta

  • RIM – and Webtrends will launch free BlackBerry Analytics Service, which offers
    developers deep insight into how customers are using their BlackBerry
    smartphone applications in the coming months
  • Deep Insights into application use – Developers can track application use, frequency of use, loyalty of users, screens accessed
    and features used
  • Easy integration of analytics of a depth generally only used by enterprises -Webtrends solution implemented with a few lines of code and offers analytics that enterprises have used for years

What does this mean for developers?

  • With a few lines of code, developers can access analytics that will help them decide
    the development priorities for apps to make the greatest customer impact

What does this mean for BlackBerry smartphone users?
• Developers will have a clearer sense of the most compelling features of their
applications and will be able to focus on improving the app experience

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  1. The playbook calls my attention big time. Now I know why I passed on the torch…. *wondering price and launching date*

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