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BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet OS (QNX) Highlights

Since the last post about the QNX BlackBerry Tablet OS was a bit too techie I thought I would water it down for users who are just looking to swallow it in a nutshell. Simply said this is revolutionize BlackBerry development and the BlackBery Platform. Oh and you will not be able to jailbreak the device.

  • QNX WILL run JAVA BlackBerry apps
  • It will also run quite a few other rendering engines like Adobe Air, Flash, and environments
  • Multicore processing with distributed computing will be awesome
  • When you switch between applications they will actually run in the background
  • When you develop a BlackBerry app you will be able to publish, sign, and run the app over Wi-Fi on a PlayBook in one click
  • You will not be able to jailbreak the device…
  • Will you be able to run BlackBerry 6 on the PlayBook… Not sure why you would want to but there would be a form of Java on the device.
  • You will be able to pair your BlackBerry to the PlayBook over Bluetooth and be able to access all your BlackBerry apps on the PlayBook.
  • No standalone BES integration
  • This is a Wi-Fi only version and will connect to your BlackBerry for wireless internet. You will finally not have to be stuck to a carrier which will give RIM quite a bit more freedom
  • Looks like there will be something going for 4G networks… For now this version is Wi-Fi only. Use your imagination from there

In short this is going to be awesome. If you ever have any other questions let us know!

Oh and as a PS the QNX guys have a sense of humor. Hopefully that will be infectious at RIM.

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  1. Definitely one sweet device! It puts the iPad to shame… as much as I like the iPad’s fluid interface. I think RIM should be able to make it available by March 2011. Unfortunately, RIM’s elves missed the opportunity for Santa to put it under tens of thousands of Christmas trees. Mine included!!! This will hurt them a bit as we shall soon see dozens of Android tablets soon. Still, RIM did put some really creative things into their tablet.

    I like the Bluetooth sync with my existing BlackBerry as it would allow me to automatically sync my contacts and calendar events without having to do so via a PC. I can use the PlayBook to send a message but pull the contact’s email address off my BlackBerry without having to look it up manually and type it in. That’s a nice & cool feature.

    RIM chose a 16:9 format to distinguish it from the iPad but also to allow it to be smaller yet still large enough to watch movies or peruse webpages. It’s a great marketing twist.

    USB and HDMI are wonderful additions which will make this a killer device for those looking to integrate with a projector or large screen TV for presentations and gaming. I can also plug in a USB flash stick to copy files or perhaps even add additional storage.

    Also, being able to run BlackBerry apps off your BlackBerry but right on your PlayBook is amazing. I don’t need another copy of the app to run it on my PlayBook.

    Finally, add the QNX OS and WebWorks to the equation, and I think RIM has given BlackBerry a HUGE shot of adrenaline in the arm! Developers will LOVE the simplicity of WebWorks, and the market will love the stability and robustness of QNX as BlackBerry apps continue to grow in complexity. I can see App World more than tripling in apps by Dec 2011.

    Thank you, RIM for making the BlackBerry future bright again. Just don’t take too long in ushering in the PlayBook; otherwise, we’ll have an army of followers beating you to the market. Apple included!

  2. Palm Foleo anyone ??

    Inablility to get BES/BIS email independent of the Blackberry device is a major shortcoming

  3. Wow, you really dumbed that one down. Other article has more info. RIMM, crank this QNX out.

    Will QNX be able to emulate android/iphone apps? Theoretically?

  4. Ronen, you say that “This is a Wi-Fi only version and will connect to your BlackBerry for wireless internet.” Please tell me that you may also connect to your home, work, etc. wi-fi connection as well. If you can ONLY pair the PlayBook to your BlackBerry, that is a huge fail in my opinion.

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