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Giveaway: Forward, Reply and Edit WITH attachment support

45161.png The BlackBerry is by far the best e-mail device out there but there is one feature I wish it had;  the option to edit emails.  That is where Forward, Reply with edit comes in and now it has attachment support. That is one of the missing features on BlackBerry e-mail you can’t reply to or forward e-mails and edit the content. The app by Adey Salamin lets you do just that. There is a free application that you can download here but the paid version now allows you to include attachments contained on the email being forwarded. Note that the app only works with OS 5.0

App description:

Forward, Reply and Edit  With Attachment  allows your BlackBerry® Smartphone to edit emails you forward  INCLUDING ATTACHMENTS  or reply to others. Use it to fix spelling mistakes, add content, delete content, add comments, etc?in emails you forward or reply to.

Please note that the way the app works is by automating the process of downloading the file and re-attaching it to an email. It does not work like the default Forward functionality of emails.

This is an upgrade of the free version of Forward Reply and Edit to include attachments.

The application is available via app world for $2.99

Contest: The developer has given us 30 free codes and all you have do do is leave us a comment below for a chance to win a free copy. Comments must be left before September 28.

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  1. I use the free app, pick me for the upgrade!

  2. I also use the free version and would really like to be able to add attachments. Great app!!

  3. Sign me in!

  4. This would really help me a lot. Thanks for the chance to win this. Keep up the great work.

  5. Thank you for sharing your app with the BerryReview readers.

  6. Nice app…sign me up

  7. estoy dentro!!! i´m here, grettings

  8. I’m in!

  9. great, FW,Edit & Reply with Attachment, useful for send and receive email on BB

  10. Omg. I want this!! Mememe!

  11. I have used this App and have to say it is Very useful and a must have for all BlackBerry users , Love to win a Registered version.

  12. this is a great add on to the free app.

  13. Hope I win!!!

  14. Got to try this…

  15. Great App! I Want To Win!!!

  16. This would come in very handy, thanks for the opportunity! :)

  17. Sign me in!

  18. Pick me for forward w/edit!

  19. Yes, please, count me in :)

  20. It seems useful, does it work with the Torch?

  21. I want one free copy

  22. Excelent aplication is the best in BlackBerry®

  23. This is a great app, that I use everyday at work in blackberry! Congrat to the developers!!

  24. Excelent app is the best in the BlackBerry®

  25. This is really a super usefull app, i have the free version and it is really a great app. Thanks BR for the contest.

  26. need this paid version, thanks…

  27. I hope to have good luck this time, because i really need this app, i will really use it on my every day job.

  28. This app is pretty cool!

  29. Sign me in! :)

  30. This sounds like it would be very useful!

  31. well… cool appz.. very useful
    hope can win this..

  32. great apps
    count me in,plz
    thank you

  33. I use the free one but would love to be able to do attachments as well!

  34. Sign me up (:

  35. Love it! Thanks!

  36. I’d like to try this.

  37. I get 100 emails a day, I am bound to need this very much!

  38. This app is great. I use the free version.

  39. Oh this is a must-have. Count me in!

  40. Sounds like a great app, especially for someone like me who is emailing all the time. Hope to win a copy.

  41. cool app

  42. you should give me this app as my knees hurt cuz im typing this while im on my knee (begggggiiiinnnnggg please :( )

  43. I would love to forward, reply, and edit!

  44. This is awesome. Would like this for my 9700

  45. i hope…this is very great app

  46. Good idea and works better than the free app if you need to include attachments. To use it you must remember to manually download the text version of your email first or it doesn’t forward/reply the body of your email.

    — Robert.

  47. I’ve been using this app as free version for sometime now. Was hoping for the ability to forward and edit with attachments. Hope I get one of the give aways.
    Thanks, berryroll

  48. Would love a copy of this great app.

  49. love it…………im in of course……….thanks guys

  50. I have used its free version. It is very useful. I’d like to have an updated version. please count me in! thanks!

  51. Nice addition to a great app!

  52. With this, BlackBerry will be a perfect emailing devices! Seriously… I always though it’s kinda annoying when you can edit the source email when replying or forwarding… :p

  53. Hope to win

  54. Want one

  55. This app has been one of the few to always be installed on my Berry. Sounds like the new feature is brilliant!

  56. This app is one of the must have apps I have always installed on every BB I configured. Every owner of that BBs thinks that it is the native function of BB, until I explained that I made it as my default installation package.
    I have configured so many BB, for my spouse, parents, cousins, etc and even grown up nephews. At office I made it as a mandatory tools for every new BBs by putting the regulation to install this app in our IT Policy.
    Thank you.

  57. I used the free one and liked it very much. Very handy app.
    best of luck to all.

  58. Oh this would be awesome to have. I’m currently using the free ver. Love it.

  59. this is the best apps. I love it

  60. Count me in on this one great app

  61. Except from BB Application World, where else can i buy this application ?
    I got four friends who want to buy this but don’t want to do it through BB Application World.

    Anyone have any idea ?

  62. cool app

  63. Really interesting. I’ve been annoyed by inability to edit emails for a long time. Attachment support is awesome. Count me in please.

  64. Great App! Count me in please.

  65. Count me in!

  66. Sounds like a great app to have for my new BB 9650.

  67. Could I please have one of the free copies? It would be awesome to win!

  68. Forward and edit is great! better if I win!

  69. Wow what a great app. Count me in!

  70. Definately a useful app. Would use everyday.

  71. Love to have this

  72. Make a great product better.

  73. make me happy :))

  74. Great to have

  75. count me in

  76. This is one of the most sought after app. Pls let me win it!

  77. Would love to have the full version.

  78. wow, great work guys. Would love a copy

  79. nice app. would be cool to give it a try…

  80. Now this would be a nice app to have! Thank you for the opportunity with the contest!

  81. This would be a really cool app to win..

  82. Count me in! I want to have this on my torch.

  83. Need this for work please!

  84. Have been using the free app forever and love it….didn’t know there was a premium version but would love to have attachment support! pick me !!! :) great app which should have been native to BB OS…

  85. Enter me – i need to edit replies

  86. Great piece of software!

  87. Would love to have one!

  88. Maybe one of the best SIMPLE apps!

  89. Forward, Reply and Edit was a lifesaver on my Storm when it wouldn’t allow me to click on links in e-mail. I installed it on someone’s suggestion, and that introduced me to its other usefulness (namely editing forwarded e-mails.) It’s one of the few applications I’ve never uninstalled from my BlackBerry. Great software.

  90. Lately i’ve been having a lot of troubles with forwarding emails from my bb. this will be a great solution!!

  91. This is a dope app. Since my Red Sox are done, this app would brighting my day. Hahaa.

  92. Great addition to a great app, there’s no reason you shouldn’t get this is you’re a heavy email user.

  93. perfect for work and forwarding without having to use my laptop… thanks, would luv to have the app.!

  94. useful all the time.

    That’s what this app is all about :)

    I could surely use one copy


  95. Would love to have this app :)

  96. It is amazing how many of these small things are not already on a BB. This looks like it would fill a gap.

  97. It would be great to win a copy of this very useful utility!

    Thanks to Bberryapp and BR for the giveaway…

  98. Great app! Would love to use it on my bold 9700!!! Hope to winn and enjoy this appication :) thanks berry review

  99. I came across a problem recently on a business trip where I needed to forward an attachment and it just wasn’t possible. This will be very useful for me. I’m definitely going to try out the free version but the full version will be great!

  100. I could use this!

  101. have been using and recommending the free version since the day it dropped…would definitely appreciate the added functionality of attachment support. Thanks!!!

  102. My my gosh that looks awesome! Would love a copy please. thank you

  103. This is app should be standard on all BB
    Would be very useful and a great help..

  104. looks very useful, can i have a copy please.

  105. For reasons uknown i’m getting a blank page as i make an effort to post a comment,do you know as to why its taking place?i’m employing oprea web-browser

  106. Good companion. Would like a copy, please…

  107. What an ingenious solution! Would love a full version if possible.
    Thank you.

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