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Giveaway: PC-Keypad Control Your BlackBerry From Your PC

100721 A few days back we mentioned PC-Keypad a PC and BlackBerry App combo that allows users to control navigation and typing on the blackberry from a PC. The way this app works is by downloading a small application to the BlackBerry that communicates the commands sent from its counterpart on the PC. All you have to is install the Apps on both PC and the BlackBerry and then connect it to your PC using the USB cable. The application does not allow you to stream the BB screen to the PC mainly because this slows down the commands and there is limitation to stream the screen at the moment. When I used this feature with other app it is extremely slow and slows down the BlackBerry itself.


  • PC-Keypad allows you to control your Blackberry from your Windows PC via a USB connection.
  • Use your PC’s full size keyboard, or your PC’s touchscreen (where applicable) to control your Blackberry.
  • You can use PC-Keypad to control your device, and to type messages and e-mails.
  • Works with OS 4.6 and above

Compare to other apps that offer similar feature this application it much lower in prize only $6.99 at the Berryreview store.  You can download the PC version of the app at this link. A free trial version is available through app world also or the option to purchase the app.

Giveaway Details: we have 25 free copies to win leave a comment and let us know why you want to use this app. Comments must be left before Monday Sept. 27.

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  1. I’d love a copy of this application. At work, I generally plug my blackberry in to charge from my computer via usb and this would make it easier to use during an average workday.

  2. want to be able to rest my thumbs at times by using laptops full keyboard

  3. I would love something like this. My Storm just doesn’t have the typing speed of my desktop’s keyboard!

  4. I would love this, I would def respond to my emails/txts more quickly then when I do using the bb keyboard itself.

  5. Oh I really want this app! I work a lot between my desk and a test lab we have. Especially when my blackberry is charging at my desk I am away from it and this app would help a LOT to have access to my blackberry anywhere in the office.

  6. Hmm that’s really a good app for ease of use.

  7. I’m not ‘supposed’ to have my BB out at work. This will definitely act as a camouflage.

  8. I’ve been working on a novel for a while now. I also prepare meeting agendas and occasional blog posts on my Bold. While I much prefer the keyboard of my Berry to a lousy touchscreen’s virtual keys, it would be great to bang things out every now and then on my ergonomic keyboard (yeah, I know I’m a geek).

    So, yes, I would love to receive a free copy of this app!

  9. This is cool man! Count me in!

  10. OMG another writer @mje5270 :) I would luv this app because I am a writer in progress who recently started my own publishing company from the nook of my home, and instead of grabbing my BB from one room to the other while doing the full-time mama thing I can stay at my desk and type, write, blog, communicate back and forth with my BB friends/family while continuing to do everything possible to be successful at multi-task via laptop and my BB from anywhere in the house, in particular— from my favorite spot, my Nook would be a welcome app!

  11. “let us know why you want to use this app” Because it’s awesome, that’s why.

    With this, I probably won’t even open Lotus Notes at work. It’s perhaps the worst piece of software ever, but I still use it when I have to pound out long replies to emails.

  12. Would love a copy of this. Using Blurt at the moment but like the look of this one.

  13. I’d love to control my BB remotely. Thanks!

  14. Wow nice! I email and chat on BBM a lot. It would be nice to be able to type way faster from the laptop keyboard.

  15. Hi I would love to have a copy of the software. My arthritis has prevented me from using my BB except the phone function. This would allow me to type again and send text messages

  16. I’ll be able to respond quicker to emails with this app, since I think my fat thumbs don’t do a good job on BB keyboard

  17. Another great app i’d like to win.

  18. Count me in

  19. I’d love one copy of this application.

  20. I’d love a copy of this. I’m geographically separated from my family due to needs of the Army and my wife and I often chat in free moments. When at my desk, this would make like much easier.

  21. i will love to have a copy, thanks BR for the contest.

  22. As always, work gets in the way of everything…using this app would save me big time in having to use my BB and would be so much easier than using Storm keys…(thumb injury) thanks much

  23. I am at my desktop computer for 8 hours a day and this would allow me to communicate via my blackberry just as fast as I do from my work PC. This is an awesome app.

  24. count me in!

  25. I would love to have a copy using my BB 9700, not very good in typing on the BB keyboard to small, hopefully this will help!

  26. My turn

  27. Best companion at work…One keyboard does it all! Would love a copy, please…

  28. I receive 200 plus text message daily for biz, difficult to reply and much slower on the phone keyboard. would be much appreciated.

  29. Wow. I’d like a copy for sure.

  30. With the amount of BlackBerry Messenger I use as a BlackBerry Server Admin, this app could save me from needing a surgery on my thumbs in the future. Please help! 😉

  31. Man, such an incredible app. Thanks for the chance to win. Would love to use the computer to reply to emails and text while the phone is charging and not have to fumble with the charging port on my 9650. Such an awkward place to put it. Thanks again BerryReveiw and PC-Keypad

  32. Sweet, I could type blazingly fast with this app! 😀

  33. This sounds neat!

  34. great apps
    hope can win this

  35. count me in..

  36. This would make it so much easier to BLACKBERRY MESSENGER while I’m at work with my BlackBerry in the charge pod.

  37. I could never win this… Hopefully my luck work this time with such a great app..

  38. i need it , to chat (bbm) at work.

  39. I use lots of my computer and my BB is in near of me and sometimes I can’t leave my PC to press BB keyboard :)

  40. This would be a great app to use while I am at work. Count me in….

  41. With features of app, I think it very useful for BBers LOL. And I hope I will 1 in 25 winners

  42. I spend most my working time on my laptop so I must have this

  43. Count me in!

  44. so that my boss would realize that I am with my bb, could place it next to my laptop and there would be no problems hahahaha

  45. I want to see if I can read the screen when it’s not right in my face.

  46. I really want a copy of this app. Thanks BerryReview

  47. Would love this!

  48. I email a lot on a storm

  49. I will be happy with the ability to use a storm with a the pc keyboard; mainly when roaming and data tariff are expensive connect pc to internet, while blackberry roaming tariffs are affordable.

  50. Hope to win

  51. I’ve been looking for such app a long time and waiting until the price is affordable. This is revolutionary. I hope I could win, so my dream come true, I can have comfortable chat with BBM using my laptop keyboard and my Storm. I just love the touch screen capability of Storm for browsing, but never satisfied when I must chat with it, especially when I’m in office.

  52. Even I chat a lot with my friends, but until last month my hubbie bought me an Onyx, I had never use Blackberry. It is because the small keyboard and all my friends chat with other IM than Blackberry Messenger. And actually until now I still have big hesitance to have chat on my Blackberry.
    I think with this app, I can finally answer the invitation to Blackberry Messenger group of our big family and type the chat on my laptop.
    Thanks for the chance.

  53. I’m on the race for wining a copy of this app. It will be interesting to control BB from PC.

  54. This would be ideal to be able to control my BB from a PC…great at work!

  55. Great app, ideal for busy people trying to consolidate all comms onto one device.


  56. simple apps like this sure makes a lot of complex lives simpler…esp at work 😀

  57. count me in ! Please!

  58. Useful app, because I need to type chat message on my laptop and still pretend to work on laptop.

  59. The BB keyboard is quite ok but why not use a PC keyboard- would be nice. Count me in, please :-)

  60. Wonder if I’m too late

  61. this would be an excellent addon for my PC. I hope i get it1

  62. This is great as my 8530 keyboard can be hard to see even if the lighted. If I do no win, I would like to know how I can procure a copy to use

    this is great !

  63. Nice! It will save me a lot of time.

  64. When the winner of this contest will be announced?

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