Pew Survey Gives Some Insight into Smartphone App Usage

Pew Internet conducted a survey on the use of cell phone apps by almost 2000 mobile users with some interesting results. Nothing truly groundbreaking here but what did you expect? The research was not limited to a specific platform so this is mostly just a broad industry analysis. I found it really interesting to see how low Apps rank in the list of what people do on their phones…

Here are some of the findings they published:

  • 82% of adults are cellphone users
  • 23% of respondents live in a household with no landline
  • 35% of adults have cellphones with apps but only 2/3 actually use them
  • App users are younger, more educated, and more affluent than other cellphone users
  • App usage ranks low compared to taking pictures and texting (See picture to right)

  • 29% of users have download an app to their phone
  • Only 13% had paid for an app
  • The average adult has 18 apps on their phone with the median at 10
  • The most popular types of apps:

Check out the rest of the study at this link

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