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Dropbox For BlackBerry Now Available For Free

Dropbox for BlackBerry just became available for download. The application had been under private beta for a while but now is open to the public. The application allows users to access their files on the go. I know some friends use the service so it should be a very useful application to have on your BlackBerry.

Features include:

* Upload files and sync them to your Dropbox

* Share links to files in your Dropbox- any files

* Easy access on the go right from you BlackBerry

* You can even stream music and movies in your Dropbox straight to your Blackberry

* Upload photos from your Blackberry and email its public link to a friend in less than a minute

You can pick up the app the this LINK

dropbox for BlackBerry

dropbox for BlackBerry

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  1. Well the question remains: How does this compare to the SugarSync service and app?

  2. This one has better features than the SugarSync but personally I like sugarnsync services but the BlackBerry app this one is better at the moment

  3. The link does not work, at least for me anyway.

  4. I keep getting errors when I try to launch from BB. Batt pull no fix. Had to del it. I have 9700 running

  5. I like Dropbox. Use it on my iTouch, Droid, and Tour. I do feel that you are hampered with being able to open files as not all three can open all files. .jpg for BB, Droid can’t open iTunes music (probably have to rip and save as another file type). Just saying it would be nice to have the ability to utlitize across the board.

  6. I don’t get the big hype of Dropbox for BB 1.0!!! It is lame…

    I use BB 9700 OS 5

    1. Cannot delete a file from the BB

    2. Cannot create or delete a folder from the BB

    3. Cannot upload a file other than photo from A SPECIFIC folder (an I have no idea which one they picked!)

    4. Viewing images on the BB from the Dropbox store – no-go! Shows a generic image… Same goes for thumbnail views

    5. When you upload a photo, there is no indication about the name of the file.

    6. Help – never accessible – their server is broken.

    7. Help in the specific function areas, works, but it is DEFINITELY a desktop version. It tells me to “drag and drop” etc.

    —- after this I kinda gave up and have not tired other functions, I need something that works, even minimally, and this does not meet the criterion.

    So far – pardon me – but this product (so far!) is just garbage… no better than a dumb link to their website.

    ON THE OTHER HAND: Download Bolt, and you can use the “desktop” version of the web interface and it works nicely. Create and delete files and folders, upload files from anywhere in my BB (even SD), I see the files names I gave to the files. (Have not tried the help – so far no need!, and have not tried the view of images…

    Anyway, sent in some emails to their feedback. If I hear in a day or two, good, otherwise that 1.2 MB is a dead stone in my Blackberry and it gets tossed out.

    Does anyone have a BETTER experience than I? Am I doing something wrong perhaps? Am VERY open to advice because I can sure use something like Dropbox is described to be, but not that lame piece that I described above.

  7. doesn’t work for me…the app never connected even once in the few days i had…keeps giving some error…does this require WiFi or what?

    gonna try the bolt browser thing…

  8. Yep, the BlackBerry app is sorely lacking — I would give it a “beta” label. The files that are downloaded from the cloud are converted into a *dat format, and the dropbox app essentially decodes it in order to view it on the BlackBerry — I don’t like my precious files converted into a *dat format to be later decoded by a propriety application. I copied over a regular Excel spreadsheet file to the dropbox cache directory on the device, and the app cannot detect / upload it. The only directory accessible for uploading appears to be the picture directory on the SD Card. I’ll check back sometime next year to see how far they have come along.

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