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BlackBerry Tablet and QNX Rumors Rise Again – Q4 Launch?


It seems like the Wall Street Journal has rehashed the same BlackPad BlackBerry Tablet details we have been hearing for awhile. The only real difference is that they have heard it may be announced as early as next week at DevCon. They really did not provide much new on the details front other than the fact that both Marvell and Quanta have confirmed they are making tablets but not who they are making them for.

Personally I think the QNX angle is huge for RIM. I have heard multiple sources confirming that RIM will be using the QNX award winning framework to breath new life into the BlackBerry brand. It will fix the main complaint users have which is an outdated, buggy, and slow operating system in one fell swoop. The QNX solution is built on a rock solid RTOS (Real Time Operating System) that can do just about anything and is made for mission critical applications. It also comes with tons of middleware and development tools along with a wide range of user interfaces (including Flash and Air) developed for it.


The only other thing I found of interest in the WSJ article was confirmation that Amazon would be launching a music store application at DevCon. Cool beans! The crazy part is that the QNX software was designed for mission critical systems that cannot have bugs or reboots when installing software. For example, your car, tank, nuclear reactor, etc cannot hang or crash. If RIM can bring that kind of rock solid experience back to the BlackBerry that would be amazing.

Want to see a taste of what I mean. Check out this article on Adobe showing off how QNX was used to develop car dashboards.

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  1. Its also reported on reuters news.. Sounds like something..

  2. This is a HUGE win for RIM. QNX comes with some strong core OS developers… which is what RIM needs to rejuvenate the BlackBerry OS in a major way. This isn’t just more tools or a fancier GUI. This changes things and makes BlackBerry a more powerful and robust platform for many different apps going forward. The incorporation of RTOS in a handheld won’t yield initial benefits, but it’s microkernel technology will allow it to run on most platforms with very little resources — very tight code for the most compact and efficient processing: perfect for a handheld environment!

    With a QNX core, RIM can change the expectations of what is capable on a handheld device. This is a game changer! Way to go, Mike & Jim!

    It will be exciting to see how RIM can incorporate the QNX core into a handheld device: the next generation Blackberry. I can’t wait!

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