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BlackBerry Storm 3 is not the Storm 2 Refresh…

storm3 I have been getting quite a few emails from readers asking about the recent claim by the BoyGenius that the BlackBerry Storm 3 picture we posted was not actually the Storm 3. I just wanted to clarify that BGR’s sources are now claiming that they might have gotten lost in the name:

UPDATE: Well, the plot thickens. We have been told by an anonymous tipster that the Storm 3, as we have seen and heard it, might actually be a simple Storm 2 refresh. Almost a silent refresh, very different from the BlackBerry Storm 3 device. We’ll keep digging, but it gets weirder and weirder with RIM these days…

Our original source did not call the device the Storm 3 but for lack of a better name that is what we labeled it so that it would be easily understood. We do not know if RIM is actually going to create the device since it is a prototype but I hope they are because the device looks years ahead of the current Storm and up to snuff with the competition. Hopefully we will have more for you as the story develops. Just to clarify this picture is NOT the Storm 2 refresh that is scheduled to be coming sometime in November or December.

For future reference even RIM does not know what marketing will decide to call the device until it launches. Just like the Tour turned into the Bold and the Bold 9700 is turning into the Bold 9780 refresh we cant really get caught up in names.

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  1. I really hope rim does not just put out a new storm2 refresh, that will be very sad! I have had the original storm for two years now and I am ready for a new one. I do not think I will be able to go to a small screen like everyother blackberry, but I do not want to buy a storm2 refresh. Will I have to switch to Android to get a full screen. (having to switch to At&T for the Torch is not an option)

  2. Ebay do sell unlocked torches. And at&t do sell without contract btw. I got mine direct from at&t and unlocked by BR team 🙂

  3. So it looks like the Storm 2.5 or Storm 2+ or whatever you want to call it will be out in Oct or Nov. It definitely won’t be out as late as December. Remember they put end of life on the Storm2 several weeks ago so I don’t think they’ll have enough stock to make it until December. Plus the first 2 Storm devices were released in Nov. Don’t forget this list of upcoming phones that posted up indicating that the Storm 3 9570 will be out next month. Of course it could be delayed but I don’t think it will be delayed until Dec.–10MP-Android-Storm-3-two-tablets-and-more-by-the-end-of-the-year-article-a_12807.html

    So the only improvements will be 512mb memory, 5 megapixel camera, 802.11n, OS6 and Mobile HotSpot.

  4. I am going to hold on before switching devices. I really do not want to switch to anything other than a blackberry. I will just sit and wait until Rim decides something.

    • I definitely wouldn’t go for the S2 Refresh. Hold for the “whatever the name will be” (Storm 3). RIM is behind in WOW section of phones. Torch was better, hopefully the next touch device will be even better.

  5. Well, now that we know the Storm2 is EOL and the Storm2R is cancelled, let’s hope the reason for both of those things happening so close to each other is that THIS is coming rapidly (like November, just in time for 1 year anniversary of Storm2 launch).

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