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First Picture of the BlackBerry Storm 3?


We were just sent a picture of what is supposedly the BlackBerry Storm 3. Our tipster wishes to remain anonymous but it looks legit. According to the tipster the Storm 3 will have a 3.7 inch display and 8GB of internal memory. This device is also rumored to have mobile Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity.

BlackBerry Torch 9800 Red

They also have a nice shot of the BlackBerry Torch 9800 in red.

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  1. Hmm…screen doesn’t look like it’s SurePress.

  2. Yeah my first thoughts were “it kind of looks like an Android…”

  3. wow… from indonesia with latest hardware… cool…

  4. lets face it, surepress did not take the BB platform to new heigts and crushed all competitions. Its just more moving parts, extra costs, return rates, and considering RIM was too dum to have a software option to disable it because a lot of people just dont like it. (i have a S2, used to love it but now Im growing tired of SP).

    the real questions are:
    does it have an openGl chip?
    front facing camera?
    high res screen?
    augmented reality?
    does it bring ANYTHING new to the game?

    I prefer that they spend $ on these options rather that SP that is not required anyway.

    PS calling it a storm would be gutsy for RIM, storm has a very so so rep.

  5. oh and btw…. 8 or 800GB of internal memory IS (almost) USELESSS IF YOU CANNOT INSTALL APPS ON IT!!!!!!! You will need a SD card anyway

  6. Indonesia.. I’m not sure if I can trust it..

  7. Looks a lot like what we have heard the storm4 to be. As well as all we’ve heard about the Storm3 being nothing more than a Storm2 refresh to handle OS6.

    Guess time will tell.

    I would love for it to be a Storm3 and the hole Storm2 refresh thing to have just been a rumor.

  8. I just got wind of this here photo. And I’m pretty happy I didn’t switch over to AT&T for the Torch 9800 that I’m still longing for. This looks to be well worth my wait. Glad to see it’s real whatever it is. “I’m thinking (Storm3) for real”

  9. sure is taken in Indonesia.. Notice the mineral water glass.. It says: “Aqua”. the most well-known mineral water brand here in Indonesia 🙂

  10. to be honset the fact that there is a trackpad is nice, now if you need to go correct a spelling error, instead of having to press 10 times trying to get the exact spot you can hit where you need to go roughly and fine move it with the trackpad.

    hopefully surepress is gone

  11. I will give my 2 cents:

    1. Great to hear about a Storm 3 rather than a boring refreshed Storm 2 (old processor, low res screen, RAM limitations). Hopefully this Storm 3 will feature a 800×600 display at the very least!

    2. Someone mentioned OpenGL and a front facing camera. I hope RIM doesn’t overlook those.

    3. Someone else mentioned installation of apps into device memory. I believe this is critical to allow users to install as many apps as they want to. This beefs up the App World library and sells the BlackBerry as a growing (not dying) platform. THIS IS SUCH A CRITICAL ISSUE with a relatively easy fix!!!

    4. Improved multitasking support with Palm Pre like task switching, and options to CLOSE one or all running apps to save RAM (rather than expecting users to delete apps!).

    5. I’m hoping RIM can throw in a few extra surprises like custom gesture and more peer-to-peer communication and collaboration tools.

    It does look like an Android, but that’s because if is sporting a larger screen. I don’t care about looks too much, but I hope RIM positions this device for

    I LOVE THE STORM NAME! Keep it! The Storm should be targeted as their high end techy device.

    I didn’t need a trackpad on my Storm but I suppose if they put it in, I won’t argue.

    Looks like they are on the right track with the next set of BlackBerrys.

  12. From the photo it looks like this “Storm 3” = Torch minus keyboard. If that’s the case, count me in! But I would hope RIM is upping the screen resolution. If its the same resolution as Storm 1 and Storm 2 and Torch, major FAIL from RIM.

    As for OpenGL, no doubt. That’s in the Qualcomm chipset, which is why CDMA devices of late have OpenGL and GSM devices don’t, and a Storm 3 has GOT to be a CDMA device. We can wish for LTE but chances are slim I’d say since a Storm 3 needs to hit the market in November/December.

  13. I’ll bet the Storm3 has OpenGL support. The only reason the Torch didn’t have it is because they used a chipset that didn’t support it (the same chipset that was in the Bold 9000, Bold2 9700, etc). I believe all higher end Qualcomm chipsets support OpenGL so if this Storm3 is a CDMA device (which it should be) then it should support OpenGL. I just hope the processor is at least 1GHz so it can compete with the other high end phones from Verizon.

    It’s nice to see a 3.7″ screen instead of the same 3.3″ screen in the Storm/Storm2. I would have liked to see a 4″ screen but 3.7″ is good enough. I’ll be happy with a WVGA resolution (800 x 480) like most of the high end HTC devices.

    Lastly, I really like SurePress on my Storm2 so I hope they keep using it and I believe most people who own Storm2s really like it from what I’ve read in the forums and comments on blog postings. It seems that most of the people who bash it or hate it are people who only used it for a few minutes and don’t actually have a Storm2.

  14. Wow, thats some scary stuff dude.

  15. If you guys have not seen it, BGR has stated that they know for sure that this is not the Storm 3…. Go check out the comment section over at BGR to see what all the droid fans and apple fanboys are saying lol… here is a quote from the BGR article… actually this is the whole article no need to even visit BGR unless you wanna read the comments:


    If you are keeping up to date on your BlackBerry rumors for the day, you might have seen this photo floating around that was originally sent in to BerryReview of the BlackBerry “Storm 3″. If you got really excited at the possibility of that phone being the Storm 3, we have to let you know that the device in that photo, is not the BlackBerry Storm 3. Here is what you can expect in the Storm 3 — we have seen the device and multiple sources have informed us of the below specifications:

    * Almost physically identical to the BlackBerry Storm 2. Literally. On first glance, we thought our guy was just showing us the current model.
    * The device is a tiny bit slimmer, feels about the same weight, but also seems to be a bit lighter.
    * The camera looks to be the same as the Storm 2, but we have to believe it is a 5 megapixel shooter. One source said 5 megapixels, the other didn’t know.
    * 512MB of RAM
    * OS 6
    * The SurePress screen lives!
    * Nothing we saw said anything about a Mobile Hotspot feature, but as that leaked slide indicated, it might be a feature coming after the device ships…

    We weren’t able to snap a photo of the handset, but all in all, we have to say, we’re pretty disappointed. The fact that RIM continues to beat around the bush and offer up almost irrelevant product refreshes while the entire mobile smartphone market continues to push the envelope of user experience, specifications, design, and features worries us. So, we have to ask, is there anyone interested in a BlackBerry Storm 3 on Verizon that’s basically more or less the same phone you bought last year?

    • He has a point. Our tipster did not call the device the BlackBerry Storm 3. They just said it was a prototype of the next gen Storm. You never know with RIM since the next Storm is supposed to be just a minor refresh and this is a total overhaul. We don’t know if they will call it the Storm 3 or the Storm 9580 or something like that.

  16. Nice to see the characteristic BETA UNIT upside down send button on this model, lol

  17. i guess storm 3 will use tough as 9800, if it uses 1ghz chipset it will be a super energi :))

  18. yeah this picture is taken in indonesia.

    but i just afraid this phone only another blackberry look-like phone from china.

    ill believe if the phone turn on and showing the menu..

  19. this guy’s trying really hard to get himself fired, if his boss saw this he would probably be able to tell who’s desk it is….

  20. Does this guy have enough water to drink? How about a freaking trash can?

    Anyways, I hope this is the Storm 4G. Looks sexy.

  21. I don’t think it is legit!

    Especially looking at Indonesian paper background which shows some underlined pushed phrases eq. 5.0, Berry, camera and encouraging words to encourage people to move towards the best, no offence but where the hell I could trust it will show first in Indonesia.

    BTW, I am Indonesian!

  22. If the new Storm does not have an upgraded processor at least to 1g, it will be DOA no matter what OS or keying technology it has.

  23. I think ya still have time to add a front camera on the Storm 3..I think if yaw did would be the really good. O yea and does it have a landscape type keyboard or a portrait style???

    • Storm’s have NO physical keyboard. They both portrait and landscape virtual keyboards (3 different virtual portrait mode).

      • I understand that because I own a storm 2. I was wondering if it would be a new feature to the device for all types of users. Personally I like keyboards (portrait style) like the torch. I think it would be cool for that to be added..something different for the storm device.

      • Hopefully this device works because the storm doesn’t have a good rep.

        • Zo,
          These Storm3 rumors are from 4+ months ago. And all reports since are that the device was either cancelled by RIM or rejected by Verizon.

          Pretty much a dead subject at this point unless we get new rumors. Too bad, as I really wanted one to replace my original Storm1 (that I STILL have).

          • Hmmm…didn’t kno that..I hope all works fir the device, I hope its a success! Sorry to hear that me I kno and feel your pain. I had the Storm 1 worst phone ever…I had it replaced with the storm 2 because my storm 1 jus stopped working. And don’t get me wrong the Storm 2 has some tweeks that still need to be worked out as well. I’ve had this phone replaced once..where as my Storm 1 literally 6xs.

          • Do you think that OS 6 is available for any BBs now.

  24. really good site .thank you for your time in writing the post.

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