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BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) 3.2 Rolling Out with Google Calendar Sync

KB24204_calendar_checkbox Robert let me know yesterday that RIM started rolling out BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) 3.2 in Australia. It looks official now that RIM has published the new features in BIS 3.2. I know quite a few people are excited that they now have Google Calendar sync which is pretty cool

Check out the full feature list below or the knowledge base articles linked here:

Google Mail Calendar Synchronization – Subscribers can perform two-way synchronization of Google® calendar entries and entries in the calendar application on the BlackBerry® smartphone.

  • Requires BlackBerry® Device Software or later
  • For more information, please see KB24209

Automatic Login Enhancements – The automatic login feature is now available to more subscribers. Subscribers who use a user name and password to access their BlackBerry Internet Service accounts no longer have to type their user name and password on their smartphones to manage their email addresses.

  • Requires BlackBerry Device Software 4.6 and earlier
  • The BlackBerry smartphone must be associated with a wireless service provider that requires the use of a WAP browser on the smartphone to access email management screens

Show and Hide Password Option – Subscribers can choose to show or hide the passwords for all email addresses that need to be validated by clicking the Show password or Hide password options.

New Password Criteria – Newly created passwords for BlackBerry Internet Service accounts and BlackBerry email addresses must meet new criteria.

  • Must include 8 to 16 characters
  • Must include at least one letter and one number
  • Cannot include the word “password”
  • Cannot include the user name of the BlackBerry Internet Service account or BlackBerry email address that the password is associated with
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  1. Yippee. Cant wait for calendar sync 😀

  2. Does this mean I won’t need the Google Sync app anymore?

  3. Considering how flaky the Google Sync app has been, and how it has had a tendency to muck up calendar entires, I’m very much looking forward to this update!

  4. Can someone explain the difference between having Gmail installed vs Gmail thru Bis?
    thank you.

    • The main difference that I see is that through the Gmail plugin one can do searches in the server. For me that is huge as I can search my emails for years past. Another difference will be when viewing attachments (say pdf) which through BIS will open Dataviz pdf reader. This is not the case through the Gmail plugin. Bottom line each has its advantages and disadvantages. I use both.

      • Thank you.

      • I added my gmail to my BIS and now on my Address Book I have 2 of every contact??? Did I miss something?
        thank you,

        • Very likely when adding the Gmail account through BIS you left the sync option for Contacts checked. I have never sync’ed my contacts to my Gmail account as Gmail contacts tends to grow exponentially. 🙂

          • I had installed Gmail on my Blackberry then by misunderstanding I added Gmail on BIS that is how I ended with 2 of every contact. I uninstalled Gmail and deleted Gmail from BIS plus deleted all the doubles from my contacts but I still have in my Contacts Options my Gmail address as a Contact List and there is no way to delete it.
            I hope this makes sense, that is why I apologized for my ignorance.
            Thanks again

  5. Article could have served readers better by telling us we no longer need to use Google Sync application.

    What is still unclear is how the new sync will behave with complex calendars and calendar entries. RIM’s KB articles have the tendency to be say as little as possible in as many words as possible.

    I make Google Sync work very hard with my calendars, and for the most part it finally got “trained” well enough to do the necessary thing. I have several calendars under several email addresses. 90% of the time the sync works fine. But on some rare occasions, it falls on its nose. Then I have to let sync wipe out everything, by logging off the gmail account and starting all over. This takes two rotations between BB (9700, but also same with 8310) and the Google Calendar server. Then all is well for months…

    What does not quite work on BB as well as on desktop Calendar is appointments that are across several days (BB records them as several appts, while Google Calendar sees them as on appt), and appointments that repeat are mishandled by BB is several ways (seemingly randomly!) and require manual intervention on each instance almost every time.

    Ronen, does you contact have any info on how this will be handled in the new Sync?

    Thank you!


  6. How will BIS 3.2 Google Calendar sync deal with past events? The current Google sync plugin apparently will not display events older than a week in the blackberry although the events will remain intact on your desktop Google calendar.

  7. Well this might explain why I’ve been having trouble with BBM the last few days! Anywho, just confirming that I now see the option to sync my calendar in my BIS settings using a Torch 9800 on Vodafone Australia.

    It just ran the initial sync and it didn’t destroy my calendar! That’s more than I can say for the Google Sync app!

  8. Does any one know how to fix the problem I created? Do I have to wipe everything and start over?
    thank you,

  9. Why not just get an Exchange ActiveSync license to allow for more robust, less error-prone integration of Gmail AND Hotmail? BlackBerries are becoming more and more useless with more cost-effective and still safe alternatives being introduced with more business and personal consumer friendly options built into the OS’s (webOS is a GREAT example).

  10. EMEA updated over this past weekend (Oct 1st/2nd).
    Gmail Calendaring Wireless sync in place.

    North American regions should be next weekend.

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