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Giveaway: Camera Plus Snap Multiple Pictures and Email Them

screenshot160 Ronen mentioned this useful application a few days back, the app called Camera plus lets you snap multiple pictures and e-mail them. Right now E-mail one picture is easy after you snap it but e-mailing multiple ones is a pain. This application makes it quite easy to use and send pictures. The way it works it by launching the app it self within the app it allows you to launch the camera, when the pictures are taken it places them on the attachment list once you are ready to send all you have to do is click the email icon and all the pictures are attached to the e-mail. Simply right!

The application is available for purchase on the BR store for $2.99 at this link.

Description & Features:

Camera Plus allows you to capture and email multiple photos like never before. Now you can capture, preview and create email photo albums with up to 25 photos or 5000kb’s worth of Data.

The process is simple:

1)Launch Camera Plus
2)Capture Photos by clicking the Camera Icon/Right convenience key
3)Take photos as normal and return to camera plus by pressing ‘back’ twice
4)Preview photos, Remove bad ones, and Email the good ones in a photo album
Camera Plus is an application that improves the mobile photography experience.
After you take photos you can show them off using the Wickid preview. Just click the photo and scroll left and right.
Use it to capture and email a single photo or as a photo album creator for a days events.

1)Set your default right convenience key to Camera+
2)For best quality & email results, set your photo size to Medium-superfine (When taking a photo press the menu item ‘options’ ).
3)Post to social sites like Facebook using email upload
4)Take lots of photos, remove the bad ones, share the good ones
5)Email yourself photos and have them backed-up and organized.
6)Save email drafts and send using Wifi if out-of-coverage, traveling or to reduce data charges

GIVEAWAY: This one is for the firs 25 reader just follow this link to the BerryReview store and use the coupon code berryreview9 to get a free copy.

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  1. count me in plz
    luv this app ~

  2. Thanks BerryReview! First time I’ve ever snagged one of your “first 25” type giveaways and this is an app I REALLY need!

  3. Got one. Nice! Thanks!

  4. My lucky day…I got one of the 25. It’s easy to use and handy. Thanks, BerryReview!

  5. omg I was actually one of the first 25 woohoo… thanks BerryReveiw! You’re awesome 🙂

  6. This is an amazing app! Very much needed. Great job and thank you Camera Plus!

  7. oh yes please xxx

  8. Good once, nice.

  9. Giveaway: Camera Plus Snap Multiple Pictures and Email Them

  10. Damn. I missed it.

  11. The whole first 25 thing is very clever. It avoids the issue with the dreadful “one code” thing. Whereas if you mail out one code to everyone who wins it’s inevitable that 2-3 of the people who won will get greedy and share the code with a friend. Which hurts the last 2-3 winners to redeem it. A vicious cycle, because then you have to go to the Developer and ask for 2-3 more copies for those poor folks who got the short stick for being last.

  12. I missed this one too, but this is an APP I will have to consider. Just this week I had taken multiple pictures and was trying to send them in one email. It was a pain and eventually gave up trying.

  13. Me encantaría ganar una de las copias disponibles. Muchas gracias. Es una gran oportunidad.

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