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AT&T “Pleased with Torch Sales So Far?

ConflictingMessages Well that is the latest word from AT&T after Elecronista wrote how Fred Devereux, President of Wireless Operations in the US West, hinted that sales of the BlackBerry Torch were disappointing. According to Electonista, Devereux said he was “surprised there hasn’t been a faster adoption” of the BlackBerry Torch at the Mobile Future Forward conference in Seattle.

Devereux continued saying some other odd things but the article sparked a response from AT&T. ATYT said it is “Pleased with Torch sales so far” without going any further. That is kind of odd but its nice to see that AT&T is going on record that things are going well since analysts have been speculating otherwise.

Nobody but AT&T and RIM really know the numbers but it would be interesting to see how the AT&T Torch is selling compared to the traditional Bold 9700…

via Electronista

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  1. Alright, so perhaps AT&T could increase their marketing.
    My biggest complaint is that I upgraded to the Torch and many apps are not compatible with the device.
    The Torch is a very good device and I love BlackBerry devices. It might have been a rough time to launch with the new iPhone and the new Samsung devices.
    I believe an increase in marketing would bring the attention to the device it deserves.

  2. Increase their marketing? All I see is Torch commercials. I’ll bet that even with the one commercial it has, the Captivate is beating the Torch in sales. The Torch is a year if not more behind the competition and RIM is in BIG trouble. Apple put the Blackberry in the coffin and Android is hammering the nails.

  3. Its a shame we never see real numbers out of RIM while Apple touts every milestones. But I doubt we will EVER see real numbers on the Torch.

  4. Maybe a change willo occur. Hope and change

  5. They should not complain. I just came over from Europe on a business trip and went to a an AT&T shop to get 3 Torches. Of course, I was prepared to pay the full price without subsidies. The friendly guy at the shop explained the phone to me, but instantly got harsh once he realized that I will not sign any contracts. “Without contract, we won’t give you the device” Well, I won’t give you my money.

    • In defense of the clerk, most of us are not allowed to sell phones like Torches or iphones without a contract. Especially when they are in high numbers like that. Also, we do not make any money either. We would rather have that device to sell to people buying it with a contract. It may sound rude, but were not here to only help you. We also need to make a living and be able to keep a roof over our heads.

  6. I am so jealous this phone is allready available and yours for the taking. In the netherlands it isn’t released yet. So we have to wait i got excited after reading a dutch blog cold

    But it’s not here yet. So i have to wait. But is it worth the waite?

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