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Giveaway: 15 Free Copies of Hypoxia Media Player

Hypoxia is an advance new streaming media player that allows you to stream music and videos over a network using WiFi . You can also use it to play your music library on you BB or from your home pc. It not also streams media it can act as  a server to stream music to other phones. The program by Mblware is priced at $7.99 at the BR store or App World

Other features include:

  • Custom Playlists – Import, edit, and create your own custom playlists containing songs, videos, or both. Hypoxia will seamlessly play both audio and video within the same playlists.
  • Message Notifications – Quickly preview incoming SMS, Email, and PIN notifications right inside Hypoxia without interrupting your playback
  • Hypoxia PicShows – Create a custom slideshow of pictures, backed with your favorite audio tracks. A great way to share memories with others
  • Tweeter integration you can tweet what you are listening to
  • Hypoxia PicShows Create a custom slideshow of pictures, backed with your favorite audio tracks.
  • Full Skinning System Change nearly every aspect of Hypoxia’s look and feel with downloadable Skins
  • Supports custom skins

Checkout the video below is a quick walkthrough outlining some of the core features that it has to offer.

For Mobile viewing link

Giveaway Details: We have 15 copies to giveaway simply leave us a comment below for a chance to win before Tuesday Sept 7th. Enjoy the holiday weekend.

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  1. nice app, i want to win.

  2. Oh! I need this! I hope I get it, I hope I get it! 😀 *crosses fingers*

  3. This is amazingly cool! Count me in.

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  18. i like to try this app. :)

  19. This is how the default media player in BlackBerry should look lika! 😀

  20. This is how the default media player in BlackBerry should look like! 😀

  21. Count me in for a copy thanks

  22. This looks like a great app! :)

  23. Great Media Player for my BB Torch.

  24. Could really use this! Crossing my fingers…

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  27. Hypoxia Media Player

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  31. I would love to be able to tweet what Im listening to, wanted this feature for ages.

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  41. I would love to try out Hypoxia. I hope I win a copy.

  42. What we have been promised with modern media and mobile hardware. Finally!

  43. I hope I can win this one! Cool app for sure!

  44. You could really use this.

  45. DLNA streaming to my Blackberry would be a blast!

  46. Would really like to win a copy of Hypoxia…
    It appears to be a well rounded App
    Keep up the fine work

  47. Are people who are not registered able to win? If so, I’m up for it! 😀 Thanks!

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  56. Sounds like an overall sick app. This would make my blackberry complete for sure. I should also mention that I have a blackberry 9700, seeing that it is only compatible for that device only.

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  62. I would love to win this. My husband is a total geek and is interested in anything to do with music and computers. We have wi-fi, bluetooth, rhapsody, sonos, you name it…and this looks like it would be really cool to try out.

  63. would love to have this, gracias

  64. HeyO! I would love to win this!

    The media player built in to the BBOS is lacking in a lot of areas, so this software would be great!

    Good luck everybody!

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  80. Lacking a basic function, sort by track number… How lame is that ???

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  100. thsi would be great for me, my blackberry 9700 is my berrypod. i use it for podcasting, watching tv shows and my music. ty berryreview for another great giveaway

  101. Once again thanks BR, i will love to have a copy.

  102. Hey! If you guys happen to have an extra copy of this, I’d love to take it. However, pathologically, I can assure you I don’t need it! In fact, I’m quite happy with the supply my blood cells get. 😉 If you do happen to pick me, albeit a likely random draw, I’ll send you guys pictures of me loving listening to the tunes with that application!

  103. Hope To Win!! App Looks Great!

  104. Nice software! I want it to come to Spaiiiiiiin!

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