Review: Aerial7 Headphones/Earphones

Review: Aerial7 Sumo and Phoenix
[rating:8] 8/10

Cost: Sumo : List  $40.00
List $60.00
Where to buy:

Aerial7 currently has 8 products that they sell. All the devices
have a chic casual look, which goes great with a nice pair of jeans. They even sell a sound beanie (hat) for the winter.  The two products that stand out to me are the Sumo and the Phoenix. Many people have told me they don’t want to spend a lot on earphones and are satisfied with their BlackBerry and iPhone buds. However if there was alternative they would love to know about it. Well then make the move to the Aerial7 Sumo as it also has a built in mic for all cell users. Aerial Phoenix is  being released September 15th. You can pre-order them now on Aerial7s site. Riding the subway with these isolates all sound out and you don’t have to blast the music.

Sumo: Searching for the right device that fits your budget can be difficult at times. The Aerial7 sumo is a shocking $40 for the type of quality it produces. Not only does Aerial7 have 8 different products but each product has a nice assortment of colors. Giving you more of a selection than plain black. You surely will find a color that suits you. A nice bonus is the soft case that comes with the earphones. Another great feature I enjoy is that the Left and the Right ear pieces are totally different colors so you can easily put in correct ear with out searching for that little (L)/(R) that’s on most devices.

Phoenix: Super light-weight. To find a pair of DJ quality head phones and to be this light is unheard of.  The variety is great as it comes in 4 totally different styles. Also Props for not over charging on them.

Sumo: It wasn’t terrible but I changed the ear gel with a more comfortable set.

Phoenix: There is noticeable wear and tear on them after using a few months.

Final Thoughts

I like it! For the price you can’t go wrong with either one.If you enjoy music and do not have hundreds to spend I recommend getting the Phoenix headphones. For all you phone users, the Sumo is a major upgrade compared to the ones you love  that come with your phones. For all you BerryReview lovers check out the Sumos Graffiti style as it shares the BerryReview colors.

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  1. (Coles notes at the very end)

    While I’m a true fan of legitimate hifi, I’ve never had enough money to even
    consider investing in legitimate sound. My priorities for headphones were as

    Compatible with an iPhone
    Great Sound
    Cheap price

    Obviously you need to make sacrifices when cheap price is on your list, so I
    started with the Skull Candy FMJ earbuds.

    While I had few complaints with the actual phones themselves, they are very
    poorly engineered, so the miniplug jack gets bent in your pocket (where I keep
    my iPhone), eventually ending in a broken wire connection.

    Skull Candy’s warranty and support was amazing, they sent me a new pair no
    questions asked. Unfortunately all new pairs have the same problem, so these
    broke as well. Rather than continuing to get new phones, which would inevitably
    break after a couple months, I chose to move on and picked up a pair of Aerial7

    Now, the sound quality was ok. Nothing great, but I didn’t have any real
    complaints. I feel they are lacking a lot of middle, but again it wasn’t enough
    for me to compain. The provided cable options and great look (and comfort) made
    for a truly happy customer.

    That was for the first week.

    After 1 week of having these phones the left channel stopped working. I don’t
    believe this is an issue with Aerial7, as my friend has the very same phones
    with no issues.

    The problem came in with attempting to talk to customer support.

    I sent them one email asking about how I can go about warranty.

    After no reply for 4 days I realized I sent it to [email protected] and not
    [email protected], so I sent a new email to customer service. Again, polite and
    asking for advice and procedures.

    After no reply for 1 week from the second email I sent a third stating that if I
    did not hear back from them in 1 week, I would begin writing negative reviews on
    every site, blog and forum I could find. It’s been 10 days now, and I feel I
    can’t wait.

    I have gotten no reply, not even an automated response, and a pair of
    non-working headphones I got to use for 8 days total.

    While I love the look, and was recommending the phones to everyone, I would NOT
    recommend anyone buy them at this point, due to the fact the company is
    impossible to deal with. It’s unfortunate really, as I really wanted to like

    Coles notes:

    My tanks broke after 1 week of purchase, and Aerial7 has refused to reply to any
    of the three contact emails I’ve sent them about warranty. They clearly don’t
    stand behind their products or care about their customers. I would no longer
    recommend this brand to anyone, period.

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