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Giveaway: Coveroo Custom Back Covers 10 Up For Grabs

Coveroo does some great engraved and colored artwork on BlackBerry back cover cases. One of my favorite features is that you can also use your own graphics too and recently they have added both College football and NFL. It includes 470 designs featuring 158 of their top NFL players. These designs include jersey numbers, signatures, and player profiles. They cover all the latest blackberry including the newly launched BlackBerry Torch 9800.  When you purchase a coveroo back cover and the design they send you a brand new back cover. All the artwork featured on their page is officially licensed.

Categories include:

Dogs, Sports, Fraternity, Sorority, Custom Art, Music, Star Trek, TV Shows, Military, National Flags just to name a few. To check out the rest of the categories go to the following link.

Check out some of the samples below:

stewie_valentine_rose_color_1 univ-arkansas-3_color_1 100_6149

The engraved designs cost $19.95 for the color design is 5 more dollars at $24.95  including shipping. There is plenty of options for you to choose from and they got you cover if you own any of the following devices, 81xx, 82xx, 83xx, 85xx, 89xx, 9000, 91xx, 95xx, 96xx, 97xx, and the 9800.

GIVEAWAY: Coveroo has sponsored a giveaway for residents of the US and Canada Only due to shipping restrictions. For a chance to win let us know what category you like the best or what would you put on yours? Comments must be left before Tuesday September 7.

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  1. i would love a chicago white sox one ive been looking at these for a while ive been planning on buying one soon anyway so this would be great

  2. this would be an awesome add-on for my blackberry!!

  3. love this go razorbacks! would look great on my phone

  4. i like the johnny tattoo section if i had a phone i would do the devil from that category but my phone is busted… and i would get a coveroo for my girl with a pic of her horses head with name under it she has on it cuz she loves her horse

  5. I would love any of these if I was picked to win.

  6. Dont hate me on this if you arent a fan, but I gotta say the NFL and would go with my Green Bay Packers!!

  7. The team sports one are the best!! Love showing that team spirit. I’d rock one w/ the Boston Red Sox on it. Even though this isn’t their year, its still my squad!

  8. I would most likely try to get my company logo on it if I were to win one. 😉

  9. A rocker logo would be cool. I don’t understand why the don’t offer and Christian designs like a cross or something.

  10. One with my name on it sounds SERIOUS!
    I Want one!

  11. I would go with the Art section
    Thanks for a chance to win

  12. I’ve been looking at the K-State engraved one. Definitely would get that.

  13. I would have to say the Charmed category. I like the Cat with the symbol. Not a fan of the show but I’ve had the symbol tattooed on my back for a while now.

  14. WOW, those are all amazing ! If could win one, I would choose the Bird with Skull under the tattoo johnny category. I think that would make my Bold 9700 REALLY stand out! Please enter me for a chance to win this great piece of art!

    Thank you very much for such a great contest ! Good Luck All !

  15. I would like one of the dog covers… Thanks

  16. That Razorback one pictured or a custom bellshare one would Rock my Torch

  17. I would probably go for a Stargate symbol for my Bold 9650 or maybe pick out something else for my friend that just got her first Blackberry yesterday.

  18. It will be funny that if I win this and I get it before I get the one from iskin :p hehehe, but I’d like something related to cancer, and with the name of my lil cousins “sophia” or even better her cute lil face

  19. I love the David & Goliath section. Would love to win one of these :)

  20. Would love a sports one with a big UK on it for the University of Kentucky.

  21. I would love to have Florida Gators for my bold 9700

  22. i would def love one of these since it would be ghost armored this would be a perfect customization

  23. Free one please :)

  24. I would love to have NBA Logo for my blackberry 9700

  25. I like the one for the 9700 with Homer that says “Somewhere on the planet, it’s Duff time”

  26. Coveroo Custom Back Covers

  27. Love the new NFL ones! Go TN Titans FTW! Please hook me up! Thanks Coveroo and BerryReview!

  28. I would love to win a coveroo, I’m not 100% sure what I’d want tho! There’s too many awesome choices… I might go for a BYU one, cuz I’m in grad school there, but I’m a big UW fan… Too many choices.

  29. would be a great way to brand my phone with our company’s logo :)

  30. RIM is Canadian, would love to see some NHL ones. But lots of great ones to choose from.

  31. I would go for the Arkansas Razorback cover. Go hogs!!! Sooooooie!

  32. I would choose National Flag – Jamaica

  33. I would have them custom make a Coveroo for my 9700 with my company logo on it which is a dragon!

  34. Oh I’d love one! Pick me!! I’d probably want something like a canadian flag or something

  35. Oh I’d love one! I’d probably get something patriotic!

  36. Please help my Bold look bolder.

  37. My fav categories is the sports. Would probably get the Raptors logo.

  38. I’d look to slap sports theme on mine. Being from Chicago not much to brag about with our teams, but think Bulls or Bears logo would look sick on the back

  39. always wanted one of these…..want a NE patriots theme…BOLD 9650….thanks gyus

  40. Just the word “frak” would be amazing!

  41. I would put my own custom logo on it.

  42. I would put Hello Kitty on Coveroo for my 9700

  43. Love flowers!!

  44. Since I use my phone primarily for work, I would want my company logo on it. I did look through the logos, where is OSU? Go Bucks!

  45. i would have a Letter G Monogram engraving on mine 😀 just cus it looks cool and then add a Personal Message: George&Jen for me and my fiance. jst so she knows im always thinking of her 😀

  46. I would love to have The Miami Heat Coveroo from the NBA catergory.

  47. yep, some for me too, please :))

  48. Great

  49. Love to get a spongebob one for my torch, if they have any..


    I’m a huge baseball fan & their Red Sox logos are sweet….but I want to make it my own with my own design!

    After all….isn’t that what Coveroo is all about?! :-)

    Hope I win…can’t wait to deck out my Storm 2!

  51. i love the subtlety of the zodiac signs and would go with mine (capricorn) on my torch.

  52. Ive got a 9700 that i would either put the logo / mascot on OR something from the Futurama category.

    Good luck to everybody who enters!

  53. I would do the ying yang category for the heart. Would be a great add on for my BB!

  54. i will pick the zodiac signs for september… my birthday is in less then 2 weeks.. this would be a great gift

    thanks BR and Coveroo

  55. I have the Blackberry Torch 9800 and love the “Peace sign” designs in the Yin-Yang category. I would definitely put a peace sign on my Torch if I could afford this!

  56. 8900 Blackberry Curve. My lowly home team Seattle Mariners would grace the back

  57. I would like the rock the “Rocking Domo” on Curve 8900!!

  58. I like the Domo shuffle one. Reminds me of being bossy with my friends. =)

  59. I would like the rock the “Rocking Domo” for my girlfriend Bold II 9700 !! thanks :)

  60. Coveroo… awesome! hope to win, thanks berryreview and coveroo!

  61. Very cool way to make your phone stand out. I wonder if I can get a picture of myself running away from a charging Domo?

  62. Business logo is available??

  63. id like a brewers coveroo or even berryreview

    Hope I Win To Choose!


  64. I would want the SF Giants Logo on my Storm2 or perhaps the Picture of the lion…

  65. NY Giants hamlet eating a NY Jets Hamlet

  66. Wow, this is definitely an exciting offer. If I were to get one of these, I would make it under the Military category. As I do diving for the military, I would like to get it with one of these two logos. Most likely the second one as it would fit on the back cover a lot better.

    If I had to select from premade ones, I’d still select a Military one too. 😉

  67. I hope I make it just under the wire, but category would surely be National Flags.

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