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Do You Still Memorize Peoples Numbers?

BB_sim_phonebook How many of you still bother to remember peoples phone numbers by heart? It used to be an art form to memorize as many of your friends numbers without having to pull out a address book (the paper kind :)).

I was reading an article in the New York Times about how Travis Erickson lost his cellphone on the beach and the series of events that led to his girlfriend breaking up with him. He could not remember her phone number and instead called his ex-girlfriend to ask for his current year-long live in girlfriends number. Needless to say that ended badly but it just goes to show that people rarely remember phone numbers by heart anymore.

The New York Times goes on to say that people have other things to remember like passwords but the repetitive motion of phone numbers is no longer one of them. I wonder if in the future we will bypass the phone number entirely…

I thought I would throw the question out there. Do you know your significant others cellphone number by heart?

(via Gizmodo)

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  1. I still memorise numbers and do regular back up of my device once a week..

  2. The only number I know by heart is my mothers… Sad I know ha!

  3. I truly don’t memorize phone numbers anymore, nut I do back up my BB once a week!

  4. I do memorize a select few…. my wife’s, my parent’s… but others are in my address book, and I couldn’t tell you their numbers if you held a gun to my head!!

  5. Of course I know my girls #, my parents, grandparents, my sisters, and my best friends. Other than that, nope.

  6. have a few memorized, majority not memorized

  7. If I didn’t memorize your phone number prior to 2003 (year I got my first Blackberry) then forget it. I couldn’t even tell you the area code.

    I got a google voice number which I’ve been giving out and after more than a year of having it I still have to look at my phone to be sure I have it right.

  8. I dial people’s numbers more than I select their address book name.

  9. Well, at least one of us is happy.

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