BlackBerry 9670 Rumored To Be Named the “BlackBerry Style” don’t know what to make out of this latest rumor coming from Kevin over @CrackBerry. He is usually spot on with this kind of stuff and his sources are saying that the BlackBerry 9670 clamshell device will be called the “BlackBerry Style.” Not a bad name but it is going to lead to a whole slew of double entendre Google searches and support questions.

I am kind of curious why RIM gave up on the BlackBerry Pearl name since this just looks like a Pearl Flip on steroids. We know how popular the Pearl Flip ended up being so I am not sure what RIM is thinking with the BlackBerry Style. Maybe they are trying a shotgun fire approach of throwing as many form factors out there as possible and seeing what sticks? First a brick, then a full touchscreen, flip SureType, Slider, and now a clamshell… Who knows it might just work… I just didn’t think RIM needed yet another model line after giving up on the Tour.

Anybody waiting for RIM to release the BlackBerry Style? Something tells me this will be the CDMA equivalent of the Torch for awhile while the 9780 and 9650 maintain the brick form factor.

What do you think of the BlackBerry Style name?

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