Verizon Users Get Leaked Skype Beta v1.0.5.0

skype beta leak If you happen to be on Verizon and you happen to use their butchered version of Skype you might want to check out this new version that just leaked courtesy of BESmgmt via BBLeaks. I don’t have Verizon so I cannot test it so proceed at your OWN RISK!

Download install files @ MegaUpload

Alternate OTA install options posted by JD

Let us know how it works out for you if you install it!

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  1. Verizon skype is so pathetic…

  2. I’ll be happy to elaborate…as a long term (8+ years) Verizon wireless and ATT customer, and as a Skype monthly subscriber. I have had several blackberry’s with both VZW as well as AT&T, currently using a 9700. Also have a DroidX and an iPhone4. While no one phone or provider offsrs the perfect solutions, all have pluses or minuses. without getting into a whose voice coverage is better and who has better data speeds (I travel the us and international about 4 months out of he year…trust me, I can make arguements for both depending on where I happen to be that specific month, as far as Skype goes I utilize it exclusively on my iPhone when traveling. Cheap, simple and reliable, on wifi and on 3G. Sure, it’s better on a good wifi connection than on 3G, but anyone whose used it dan tell you that it sounds better on Skype regardless of wifi or 3G vs. VZW or AT&T. Period. When I first got my DroidX I was hoping that the experience with Skype had improved on Verizon vs. My initial experience on VZW blackberry’s. I was wrong. I’ve tested them side by side and can tell you that while I am truly dependent and love the Skype service, had my first experience been on a Verizon phone they would have lost me as a customer.

    • You still said absolutely nothing about why you’re not happy with it.

      • Sorry, you’re absolutely right…simple: No Wifi. It’s just plain simple that Skype works fine on wifi on every acceptable format such as pc/Mac, iPhone, palm and even blackberry but as soon as you put it on verizon’s network then all of a sudden you can’t access it. The official explanation on Skype is that this was done to conserve battery…bs. I have an iPhone 4 that replaced my 3GS which I use exclusively when traveling. I travel quite a bit into Mexico and Spain and all my calls are TO my Skype number which rings on my iPhone.

        I’m on the old Unlimited International Corporate plan which has been extinct for about 3 years so I unlimited data worldwide for $60usd, combined with my $2.95/mo. Unlimited Skype plan and $30 Usd/yr number I can effectively receive calls to my iPhone wherever I am. Obviously this would hold true for all other iPhones on wifi only. the iPhone is a battery drained, yet I get no drain from my Skype and I use it Alot. That said, I can also make unlimited calls to USA and Canada for my $2.95/mo…no long distance, and anyone who uses Skype on AT&T can tell you that the connection is actually better on on Skype calls than on the AT&T cellular network. So while hardcore Verizon fans will tout how great the coverage is in the states and how they don’t have the problems AT&T has, the reality is that at least they let you use wifi and don’t force you to disconnect wifi in order to utilize Skype. That’s just plain stupid. Now while I can understand why Verizon did this, I can’t fathom why Skype did. I certainly don’t blame Verizon for trying to insure they get their roaming and long distance fees covered, but for those of us that utilize Skype internationally, all this does is push us away from Verizon as a carrier. For the big companies with a huge amount of corporate users, a lot of which travel internationally…this is counter-productive.

        Again, my perspective is that of a person who travels internationally…while a lot of people don’t and therefore could care less, I would argue that a lot do…why piss off half your clientele?

        • Interesting … Skype isn’t supported on BB for AT&T at all as I understand it (I thought it was a Verizon exclusive?) … but I’ve snagged the .jad and about to see if it’ll run on my Torch. I’m desperate for a Skype client that’s worth a damn.

  3. I tried this b ut it doesn’t even fit the screen on my 9650, no buttons worked either.

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