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Chatmostphere Brings 100,000 Chatrooms To Your BlackBerry – 20 Free Copies!

chatmostphere Roel from Mobile Ventures let us know that they have released a new app called Chatmostphere for BlackBerry. The app is an interesting sort of IRC proxy that lets you participate in over 100,000 chatrooms around the world. It has some limitations on it because it has to proxy the connection making it not a true IRC client because an intermittent internet connection would bomb your out constantly if it was a full client.

Chatmostphere has smartly included a 14 day free trial of their app for you to see if it interests you. After that it is selling for $7.99 (Currently $4.99 on sale) at this link in the store.

Check out a video of Chatmostphere in action below:

Giveaway details: Mobile Ventures was kind enough to offer 20 free copies of Chatmostphere for the first 20 readers who head to the product page and use the coupon code CHTMSP4BRRY. Don’t forget to thank Mobile Ventures in the comments and share your thoughts in the forums!

There is a severe lack of an IRC client for BlackBerrys with JIRC being the last one I remember so it is good to see Mobile Ventures step into the field. I know one person who uses BBSSH to connect to his command line IRC client but even that is a right hand scratching left ear workaround. Kind of sad that he has to resort to that.

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  1. Tried the code and it says that it is not valid…

  2. Should be good to go now. Turns out the dev had a space in the coupon code

  3. Thanks BR & Mobile Ventures for such an awesome app…

  4. Thanks Berry Review and Mobile Ventures for this app… :3

  5. Please, I’d like a copy! This sounds like a cool concept!

  6. No mobile-friendly video?

    That aside, I can’t resist this one 😀

    “I know one person who uses BBSSH to connect to his command line IRC client but even that is a right hand scratching left ear workaround. Kind of sad that he has to resort to that.”

    There are a couple of advantages to that particular itchy ear – first, lower battery use since you receive only a small subset of updates. Second, you can use a much more capable desktop client (irssi or a couple of others) — not of interest to most, but if you spend a lot of time in IRC you’ll appreciate the difference. And finally – even if you get disconnected from your session, you still stay in IRC; and when you return to your sessions you can see what you missed.

    Alright, alright, self-promotional whining done. I should also mention the down side — you need a machine or a VM running linux/bsd/osX that you can enable remote SSH connections on.

    I’ve been talking to a couple of people in ##blackberry on freenode, and the feedback so far is that Chatmosphere has a couple of bugs (I suspect the developer is already in process of correcting) it’s quite usable. Based on comments of new people joining the chat — it does seem to be marketed more as a giant source of AOL-style chat rooms than an IRC client, which makes it simpler for end users but a bit off-putting to the existing denizens of a channel…

  7. I gave this app a try, but I was a little disappointed and I deleted it. I guess I was looking for more of a full-featured IRC client, instead of a program that has ‘prepackaged’ chat rooms. There is no way to enter a custom IRC server and channel unfortunately.

  8. I would luv to win a free copy… never too bored to chat.

  9. sounds interesting appz
    count me in,plz

  10. I would love a copy

  11. Plz pick me

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