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Rendezvous Shows You How Much Time Is Left – 30 Free Copies!

Rendezvous Adam let us know about a new app he has released called Rendezvous that adds two useful functions to the native BlackBerry calendar.

  1. It tells you how much time is remaining between now and certain events in your calendar
  2. Lets you jump to a certain time in the future like

This is awesome tool for things like planning an event 6 weeks in the future or calculating how many days you have until a deadline. This is one of those tools that would be cool if RIM baked it right into the OS.

Rendezvous is currently on sale in the store for $1.99 down from $2.99 at this link. In honor of the apps launch Adam gave us 30 free copies for the first users who head to the product page and checkout using the coupon code rendezvous4berry. Don’t forget to thank Adam in the comments!

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  1. Thank you Adam & BR! 🙂

  2. I’ve been needing something like this is I have an specific appointment every 5 weeks. This is perfect! Thank you Adam!

  3. thanks a bunch Adam!!!awesome…

  4. I missed the giveaway but it looks like an excellent application so I am going to make the purchase.

    Speaking of features that should be baked it to the BlackBerry OS, I do have a request of the developer, can you make an extension for the calendar that allows for the duplication of an appointment? The one feature that I truly wish the BlackBerry calendar had is the ability to copy and appointment not just simply move it. I need to preserve the original appointment in addition to create a similar appointment for a future date.


  5. great application! would love to have it on my bold 9700! thanks again Berry Review:)gluck to all..

  6. Damn missed out on the free copies… LOoks like a
    very useful program…

  7. I must say it never seizes to amaze me how ungreatful some of the winners are…. “cheap” comes to mind.

  8. sounds cool appz
    count me in,plz

  9. woo… this apps is fun… 🙂 can count down for the date… nice

  10. Thankss berryreview

  11. Love to have one!

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