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RIM Offers to Teach India How The Internet Works…

community_left_outRIM did state their 4 tenants on customer security and confidentiality but India has not given up. They are still demanding that RIM allow them to snoop in on ALL email communication or face being banned by August 31st. The irony is that RIM is right in this case. Locating a server in India will do nothing in terms of giving them more access to read communications to BES servers. RIM has reiterated that there is no master key they can give Indian officials to make them happy. That is just how the internet works. Governments and companies rely on technologies like BES, VPN, PGP, and S/MIME because there is no master key. If there was it would defeat the whole purpose.

According to CIO’s John Ribeiro:

Research In Motion has offered to lead an industry forum in India focused on supporting the lawful access needs of law enforcement agencies, while preserving the legitimate information security needs of corporations and other organizations in India

So essentially RIM has offered to teach India how the internet works. Even if RIM received a court order to hand over BES communications the best they could do would be handing over encrypted data that would require supercomputers to even attempt to break. RIM is not unique in this since any email that uses S/MIME or PGP or any sort of public key infrastructure. They are designed this way to ensure that there is no master key to open them. Even if terrorists use them there really is nothing that RIM can do while keeping their corporate and government contractors.

I wonder if India will take RIM up on the educational forum. I am curious to see how that one goes! What I find unfair is why they are picking on RIM. What about every ActiveSync corporation that is using SSL encryption for email? Or employees using VPN or IPSec to connect to their work networks?

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  1. The scary part is that all of their security advisors are backing this idiotic notion… How can they have so many people and still be collectively so stupid?

    • What I find scarier is that these security advisors are in their positions because they are supposedly the brightest in their country. If these know-nothings are the brains, then why is this the country everyone outsources their IT support to?

      • Exactly, that or maybe they are just backing the government in fear of backlash (or they were given incentive), but I don’t want to assume that they are smarter than they seem either…

  2. Its time for india to get famous for this…

  3. Its all about over-reacting to Mumbai. Just like our govt did some dumb things over-reacting to 9-11.

  4. If they really wanted to screw with india and show them how the internet works they could make a middleware app for BIS and BES devices to connect to the TOR network and throw in some port hopping instead of the standard bis and BES ports and maybe a free pgp client.

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