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RIM Posts Instructions & Video on Error 507 Bricked BlackBerrys

error507One of the new things I noticed in BlackBerry 6 once Ghostshell pointed it out is that RIM has added some new Java error code screens. The one both of us noticed is the classic Java error 507 usually caused when an upgrade or software update goes bad. I could not take a screenshot of that screen but it now directs you to go to to solve it which is new to me. RIM has given a bit of instruction on 507 errors in the past but now they have walkthrough guides and a video on how to deal with it.

The guide is available both for PC and Mac users at the links below:

They are also pointing us to check out this video on their official YouTube channel on how to reload and update an operating system.

It is odd that they don’t tell you to use apploader directly but I will try their solution next time I brick my BlackBerry :(.

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  1. Wouldn’t call this a brick situation. Just a crash. People use the term brick way to widely nowadays. For a device to be bricked it would be rendered unusable AND unfixable (at least not worth fixing). So it’s about as good to you as a brick. Application or OS crashes don’t brick devices.

  2. Kinda makes sense. For this type of “official” announcement you want to target the lowest common denominator, so you don’t want them going off and finding the loader .exe, etc (a lot of people don’t understand links vs executables in the first place).

    Better to have them do it through DM which they have installed and have in their programs list.

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