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Now It Makes Sense! (Comic)

Just a quickie here. I spotted this comic and had to share.


I have been getting multiple flyers in the mail from AT&T saying how they have expanded their NYC network but every week I don’t see any reduction in dropped calls and spotty reception. I know AT&T gets quite a bit of flack from iPhone users but after you get your first “Congestion” message while trying to make a phone call you will understand.

via Shoebox via Gizmodo

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  1. I have a few friends who have even switched to AT&T’s Uverse home system. They loose cable all the time and their landlines lose calls. How is that possible? I know AT&T is working on it, but they shouldn’t advertise they can cover you if they really can’t. Hence why I loved the Verizon commercials last year.

  2. I have Att internet service it sucks but is either that or cable which is just as BAD

  3. Well I could see having wireless issues. Tall buildings, etc. but home cable, phone and internet issues. Those have been around for a long time. Should’ve been fixed by now!

  4. I don’t know- maybe I’m the one lucky one in NYC. We’ve had ATT, Cingular, ATT since the days of Analog Brick phones. Motorolas, Nokia, and BB’s for us. Never had any real issues- except for the blackout a few years ago, and the 9/11 Event. Even then, once I COULD get through, I never lost a call. It wasn’t until my wife got her iPhone that SHE has troubles with crappy reception and dropped calls. My current BB9700 is doing great.

  5. ATT coverage in Seattle is awesome on a Blackberry. My spouse has an iPhone 4 and is always two bars lower than me. LOL

  6. If you make calls on the go, you are more likely to get dropped calls especially in drop zones.
    Although i get dropped calls, amazingly I can download through tethering at speeds in excess of 370 KB/s. Strange isn’t it?

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