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Nielsen Cellphone Usage Stats Reveal Some Interesting Trends

voice-text-by-age Nielsen released a whole slew of usage stats on the texting and talking habits in the US. Their publication titles it as “African Americans, Women, and Southerners Talk and Text The Most in the US.” Catchy right? They get this data by analyzing cellphone bills of over 60,000 cellphone subscribers in the US.

Here are some of the interesting highlights they had:

  • Women talk more than men. On average women talk 22% more with 856 minutes compared to men with 666.7.
  • Women also text more than men sending and receiving 601 messages compared to 447 for men.
  • African Americans use the most voice minutes a month 1,300 with Hispanics right behind them with an average of 826 minutes.
  • African Americans and Hispanics are also the most prolific texters with 780 and 767 messages a month.
  • Teens send the most text messages sending on average 2,779 SMS a month. Crazy right? Now I understand how carriers are milking those unlimited texting plans.
  • Subscribers in the south are the most talkative as you can see in the pictures below:

The funny part is I could have told you that women talk more than men and teens text a ton without doing any research… 🙂

us-voc-min.jpg us-txt-msg.jpg

via Nielsen via Intomobile

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  1. I can agree with this. Especially here in the Mid/South region. It doesn’t matter if you are caucasion, african american, hispanic, etc, We definitely have the gift of gab.

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