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BlackBerry Stopwatch App Survives a Reboot…

BlackBerry Stopwatch One of our readers, Carl, sent in an interesting thing he found on his BlackBerry Curve 8530. He was experiencing a bad case of battery drain for the last few weeks on his 6 month old device and even when he switched to other batteries he was having the same issue. Once he realized it was not the battery he decided to see if it might be some runaway app causing the battery drain. He removed all of his recently added apps and that didn’t help. So he bought a new battery and still had the same issue.

This week he happened to use the stopwatch on his BlackBerry and noticed that it had been running forever. It was weird because it did not show up in his running applications in the app switcher. He did a little digging and found that the BlackBerry stopwatch application keeps going even when you reboot your device or perform a battery pull! The weirder part is that it disappears from the app switcher once you reboot but it keeps on running in the background.

I would not imagine that the stopwatch eats that much battery but I have not tested it out myself. Consider this finding another thing to consider when you are trying to diagnose battery drain…

PS: I am curious if anybody else spotted this “feature” before Carl? Any ideas why RIM would make the stopwatch survive both a hard and soft reset? Maybe they are using it to test how long it takes the device to reboot?

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  1. Weird I was having the same problem with my battery. I’ve bought spare batteries in the last 6 months. Just checked and the app was still counting. Thank you so much for this 🙂

  2. stfu mine was running for 21 days!! I have submitted feedback through my beta zone account. Thanks for the info!

  3. I don’t even know why I even had this app on my phone…

  4. Its a popular mis-conception that you can see all running apps via “app switcher”…

  5. Sounds like a silly bug, not a feature.

  6. Count my 8520 running to the list.

    Scary thing…

  7. Bold 9700 – stopwatch persists across reboots. Dunno about battery pull. Reboot takes about 3 minutes :-((((

  8. Timers are done in hardware. The stopwatch app is just reading the clock time and showing it to you. The fact that it keeps running just means that the reboot and relaunch of the app doesn’t reset it. It’s probably not consuming any extra power since the timer block of the cpu is still going to be ticking so that it can generate interrupts for the alarm.

    I’m a firmware engineer, but not for RIM.

  9. ronen, somebody had posted in one of the mailing list thread as well – everybody used it as a way of finding how much time BB takes to reboot

  10. Very cool I didn’t think about using the convenience key and keyboard shortcut to time it. Problem is the torch only has one convenience key…

  11. I’m sure it’s not actually running the whole time. It probably stores the time it was started in memory and when it starts back up, it just calculates how long it’s been running and resumes.

  12. I would be very curious to know if those of you affected by this “bug” have seen any change in battery life after stopping the Stopwatch app. I have noticed my battery life has become quite abysmal on my Tour in the recent months, but my Stopwatch is not running. I uninstall, update, install apps on a daily basis, and have 23 Third-Party and 19 Add-On apps at the moment, so it very well may be a third-party app causing my battery woes. My phone is only 10 months old.

  13. I noticed that the countdown timer also survives a reboot.

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