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Can Ad Supported Apps Performs as Well As Cheap Paid Apps?

Leprechaun Currently RIM is working on a new Advertising Service SDK that will allow developers to easily create ad supported applications. I have always been curious to see how ad supported app profits compare to paid apps and have yet to find any good data for BlackBerry apps. We did manage to find some recent data that for Android apps developers can make a comparable amount with ad supported versions of their applications.

Engadget found that back in Feb of 2009 Arron La released one of the first paid Android apps. A 99 cent task manager. 9 months later he released a ad supported version of the same app. The results is that since then both versions have contributed the same $30,000 to his payday. There is no mention on if there are an equal amount of users for both but I doubt that. On the other hand my guess is that the large influx of users you get from offering a free ad supported version makes up for the difference.

What do you think? Would you rather use an ad supported application or just pay 99 cents for it? Thanks David!

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  1. Depends if it’s an app where real estate matters or not.

    Chat app or an app that doesn’t require the mobile network, yeah i’d rather pay $0.99 any day. Ads on otherwise offline apps turn them into online apps due to the network fetching of the ads, which is stupid.

  2. I would say initially the ad supported version. If it is an app that I would use routinely, I would have no issue moving up to the $.99 version. But if it’s just not worth it, then I would deal with the Ad support. Especially if it’s a rare device use.

  3. I’d rather pay. I’m tired companies releasing mediocre products in order to get ad revenue — focus on making products people want to pay for, instead of selling my mind-space (so to speak) to advertising middle-men.

  4. If it was just a trail app, I would not mind the ads. Normally I can tell in a few mins or hours, if I’m going to continue using and app, free or not.

    But like Newcomer said, just because an app is ad free, does not mean it’s going to be worth the time it takes to install it and then delete it.

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