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Slides Show RIM Product Positioning for Each BlackBerry Series

I have always had a vague idea of how RIM positions each of their product lines and who they are targeting with them. For me I had the Bold aimed at enterprise and the Curve and Pearl aimed at consumers. Turns out RIM thinks about the same as shown in this leaked product slide from the BlackBerry Bold R020 training deck that leaked. I didn’t realize that RIM really views the Storm as a consumer line. Now anybody want to guess where the Torch fits in or where the new clamshell 9670 will go?


Also interesting to note was who RIM thinks is the target market for the new BlackBerry Bold 9780 revision:


I don’t even know what to make of most of these segments. Who is a Data Hero? What is a Gen C Trendy? Where do you find a non Multi-Tasking woman?

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  1. This DEFINITELY shows RIM has lost touch with reality, wtf?

  2. LOL. I think from the commercials, RIM is looking at the Torch to be BES. Business people and elevators? Unless they only use the Torch at the Tower of Terror in Orlando, then it’s business.

  3. Here’s an idea…

    Put LESS effort into micro-segmenting your target markets with fancy labels and MORE effort into putting non-obsolete hardware into your ‘iconic’ devices.

  4. I love how the say in the slide “Powerful 624 MHz Processor”. Can they really say that with a straight face?

  5. This is the worst news! These slides reveal a very disappointing and dim outlook on the coming Storm 3. Slides show the Bold as the creme-de-la-creme device. If that’s the case, the Torch should have had better specs. If the Storm 3 is an incremental upgrade to the Storm line, then I’ll lose all hope in a BlackBerry device for power users… with a touchscreen!

    These slides reveal that RIM is perhaps getting out of touch with what users want. While Android is trying to determine the perfect size of a power-user’s phone (4.3-inch, in my opinion, no larger), RIM is giving power-users the Bold with a tiny non-touch 2.5-inch screen?!?

    If I were RIM, I’d merge the Torch and Bold lines and gear them for business people who need a keyboard and want the simplicity & intuitivity of a touchscreen. Perhaps the Pearl line should be clamshells only to discern the two of the lower lines — hmmm, Pearl & clamshells 🙂 I think that is a match made in heaven!

    The Storm should be for geeky power users and the general public who want something better that has a touch screen.

    I think RIM is targeting things this way:

    1. Business: Curve -> Bold/Torch
    2. Individuals: Pearl/Curve -> Storm/Torch

    The Torch is a hybrid. #1 is possibly for now (with the addition of the Torch line), but #2 just doesn’t work. If folks want to play (i.e., games, media gurus with movies, photo manipulation, slide shows, etc.) they need a large touchscreen. The Bold line won’t do it. The current Torch can’t doing it either because it is still small and there is no OpenGL support for graphics and power presentations.

    RIM needs a MAJOR rethink of their product line with respect to their target customers AND the competition!

  6. These classifications were probably comprised from actual market research, surveys, studies, etc… So as much as random consumers love to hate, swear they know better, and call it complete bunk, etc, they are just that… random, isolated, consumers with a chip on their shoulder.

    • So when RIM tanks in a year or two like Palm because they didn’t give consumers what they wanted, do you blame the “market researches” because they know better?

      • Thank you for your comment BB user #70339399, your concern is important to us and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

        I would put money down against you that RIM is guaranteed not to tank within 2 years, 100% guaranteed. Too bad you won’t actually pay though….

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