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On screen Torch Keyboard; Portrait or Landcape?

So its day two with my torch.  When I first learned of the Torch specs, I was a little nervous about the screen size–2.5′ by 1.75′.  What worried me most was the usability of the on screen keyboard of that size.

Well I have been using the on screen keyboard for two days now and I can definitely say that while its usable in portrait mode, it is way easier to use in landscape mode. Maybe its because of my fat thumbs, but in portrait mode there are constant thumb-wars when trying to bang out a sentence. In landscape mode there is simply more room to maneuver.

A surprising benefit of the smaller screen is that even in landscape mode, my thumb can reach all the way across the screen if needed to help type. This is something I find myself doing often while thumb typing.

So Torch owners, what do you think about the usability of the on screen keyboard?

Update: For all you suretype fans, I found a neat option on the Torch. You can set it so that SureType is used in portrait mode and QWERT is used on landscape mode. I will have to play with this more tonight.

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  1. I’ve been using the Torch more and more each day. I prefer the iPhone’s keyboard style\layout, BUT, I’m becoming use to the virtual keyboard on the Torch, in Portrait mode…

    I’ve tried Landscape a few times, and while it’s not bad. I’ve been trying to force myself to use the device in the mode it’s intended. That’s the same thing I had to do when I first got my iPhone…

  2. When I first picked up my storm2 I almost exclusively used landscape, now its exclusively portrait. Though I don’t use qwerty I use SureType.

  3. Tje on-screen keyboard doesnt look that great to me 😉

  4. Does the Torch have portrait SureType?

  5. Any chance the Torch will get SWYPE?

  6. im doing good with both, dont mind the multi-tap, but hate T9

  7. i do notice with my OtterBox Commuter case on, its harder to select the outside keys, specifically A & Q, but i havent used a touchscreen in a while so i may just need time to get used to it, have a iPhone 3GS, but with a low profile soft case vs the higher profile commuter hard case, sorry addicts, had to see what all the iphone fuss was about, missed my BB way to much, with the Torch i got the touch screen i wanted from the 3GS, but i still would like to steal the browser, the new browser on 6 is an improvement, but Safari is still the best around (washing mouth with soap), but i have found opera mini 10 to be very close and when running it against Android, per the browser tests a while back, A=3, BB=2, I=1, BB an I very close with BB running Oper Mini 10.

  8. My experience with Storm has been similar. Having used a SureType BlackBerry previously I think if you spend some time with it like you updated you will quickly find yourself very good at it and only switch to landscape full QWERTY when detail is most important (entering passwords, etc.).

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