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BlackBerry Bold 9780 Training Slides Leaked

RIM Slide 9780 Anybody else getting used to RIM slightly altering some internal specs and releasing a revision instead of a new device? They did it with the Storm, Curve, Tour, and now with the Bold 9700. We knew that the BlackBerry Bold 9780 was coming but this latest training slide deck leaked by the BoyGenius shows us how little has changed in a year.

The new BlackBerry Bold R020 was targeted for October 2010 and will have:

  • Powerful Processor at 624Mhz (RIM is screwing around saying that a 2 year old processor is “Powerful”)
  • BlackBerry OS 6
  • Internal memory increased to 512MB
  • 5MP camera
  • Coming in both a camera and non camera version

Anybody else wondering why RIM is going to rerelease the 9700? Why not create the ultimate BlackBerry 10000+ without using recycled parts. If anything these slight upgrades for the Tour and now the Bold really annoy current owners since there is not enough changed to warrant an upgrade beyond waiting for RIM to release BlackBerry 6.

What do you think?

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  1. MicroSD also useable for apps! WOW…

  2. This is actually the phone that I really want. Sadly it won’t be available in the UK for a long time =(

  3. I think they have too many SOLID devices on the market and sometimes changing what’s inside is the best option for some people who need more juice in their phone without changing their software/comfort zone.
    Want a different device? get a Torch, Storm or Curve instead. Want the same device but juiced up? you got that too.
    RIM got the market based on demand unlike the iPhone by “touch”…

  4. I feel the hurt for tour & bold users. But to meet the target of 12 device releases in one year. How else are RIM going to do it besides recycling parts. I’m a 9700 user and tbh feel a bit pi$$ed off that they keep on recycling old devices

  5. I’m curious about app support off of SD card – that almost seems it would have to be an OS 6 feature, and not hardware-dependent… (I would hope so, anyway. If the new Bold gets that and the Torch I just bought doesn’t, I’m gonna be mighty peeved.)

    • I don’t think that it means you will be able to install apps on the SD card. I just think they mean that apps will be able to take advantage of the SD card… Just like they already do.
      What do you think?

  6. Ronen, I agree with the following statement you made in this blog posting.

    RIM is screwing around saying that a 2 year old processor is “Powerful”.

    Does RIM really believe this? 1 GHz Snapdragon and OMAP processors are powerful not this one.

  7. More baby steps as their competitors take big, aggressive leaps.

    RIM seems to have its heart set on following the example of those other great Ontario success stories, Corel and Nortel.

  8. I think what we are seeing is RIM isn’t ready for a higher resolution screen for any OS so we are seeing all these rehashes of older devices with RAM upgrades but still the same crappy 480×360 screen. And they must not feel they need to modernize the processor until they modernize the screen. I bet in 2011 we will see a slew of devices with both of those upgraded and then “Curve” type lower end devices with 624MHz and 480×360 screens.

    • I was told by a RIM representative at the Blackberry Torch launch party in NYC that the reason they keep using the same Marvell 624MHz processor is because the OS is optimized to work with it. At some point you’re going to have to optimize the OS to work with a new processor so you might as well bite the bullet and begin the work to optimize it for a new line of processors.

      The same RIM reprsentative also told me to expect some nice devices in 2011 after they fully integrate the technology from QNX into the BB OS. RIM bought QNX this past April. I guess we’ll see.

      • Interesting point… Not sure why they’re delaying trying to catch up until next year. If they had caught up this year (ie. W the torch), they would have staved off quite a bit of their inevitable sales loss this year.

        I’ve been a bberry user since 2000, but I’m switching to the new Samsung Android phone when Rogers releases it in the next week or so. I’ll take another look at bberry in the next upgrade cycle, but unless something unexpected changes, I doubt I’ll ever return.

  9. I hope that’s the plan…I really do. Most people live by the update cycle of their carriers. RIM should take this into consideration and come out with new “top of the line” using that cycle. If they reuse parts, put them in the Curve line.

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