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Vippie Mobile BlackBerry SIP VoIP Client for Curve & Bold

vippie More and more BlackBerry SIP clients seem to be coming out of the woodwork. It is a shame that RIM refuses to release their own SIP client but 3rd party developers are fighting tooth and nail to pick up the slack. We first did a review of Blackvoib and now we just found out about Vippie Mobie from VoipSwitch. The Vippie Mobile client is available for the BlackBerry Curve & Bold series devices with a version for OS 4.6+ and 5.0+. The nice part is that unlike other BlackBerry VoIP clients VoipSwitch is actually selling Vippie Mobile to consumers for $30 which is pretty high. The upside is that you can use it with any SIP server…

They are also pushing their new consumer service CalltoPBX which comes with a free copy of Vippie to use with their VoIP server. Rates are pretty cheap so its worth checking out.

Features include:

  • Support for G711 Codec.
  • Support for VoIP tunnel technology which works from blocked areas or from behind firewalls for both incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Connectivity over WIFI, EDGE or UMTS.
  • Vippie Softphone for BlackBerry can work with VoipSwitch and also with 3rd party SIP servers.
  • The softphone can be linked to an IP address of a VoipSwitch (or a sip server) or to DNS name for example

The softphone app lets you:

  • Make and receive SIP calls
  • Contacts (phone book)
  • Loudspeaker
  • Balance information
  • Destination, rate
  • Time, call status logs
  • Last calls log
  • Redial

You can read more about the app on their product page along with downloading the app. Purchasing the app has to be done through this page though I have not tried it myself.

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  1. Stay away from Vippie! I demoed their software and it simply didn’t work for me. I could not make their dialer do ANYTHING on my storm2. Support is awful. They have multiple version of the product which is confusing. There is no demo of the product that supposedly works with a private SIP PBX.

  2. I can’t figure out how to input my voip provider data. No info on their website either…

  3. Hey guys we are actually working on a review so hopefully we will be able to answer your questions then…

  4. can anyone recommend a VIP client then?

  5. I’m a voip reseller, and purchased this application to implement it in a BB customer, and it simply won’t work. I’ve entered my SIP server, user and pass. When I attempt to dial, it says: dialing and it does nothing else. After a minute or so, it fails. There’s no much tech support from voipswitch website either.

    I know it’s not the account I’m using, because it works perfectly well from a pc client application.

    I would not recommend it to anyone just yet. It still needs some improvements.

    If anyone has had any luck with it, please share your knowledge, it’ll be greatly appreciated.

    btw I’m using bb curve 8520

    • I face exactly same problem with Vippie on my BB 9700.

      There is no way to contact Voipswitch Support, I’m afraid I lost my money…

      • hi Doug, I actually contacted their support through the form provided here:

        they will redirect your query to their support. It took a couple of days before they actually replied though, so don’t worry just yet.

        another option is to try emailing the support dude Arkadiusz Klochowicz directly at [email protected].

        After I explained the issue, they asked me to provide my account details. And now they’ve actually uploaded a new version of the software, which had been uploaded yesterday (sep 10th). I tested the new version and it now works. It wasn’t necessary to buy it again.

        now, I’m not so certain it should work in your model. I’m using curve 8520 and it works.

        I hope this info helps you getting a solution.

        • Hello Hans !

          Thank you very much for your help.

          I sent an e-mail , to that support guy and I hope they can help me to solve this issue.

          As soon I have any answers I’ll let you know.

        • hans, what else did you put on your bb to make it work

          • after I received their notice about the new release uploaded to their site, I just downloaded it. All I had to configure was the sip server, username and pass. apn settings were not needed. if you’ve facing issues with the application, I recommend you to contact their support representative. I left some instructions in a previous entry. I hope it helps.

  6. Murray is correct. Voipswitch is a mirage. Their blackberry software doesnt work on models they claim to support and it also is not compatible with major softswitches as well. To state Voipswitch support is aweful is an understatement.

    • I didn’t see anywhere on that page or even on their website “support”

      so how did you contact support?

      If they don’t offer support or claim to offer support for the app, on which basis you’re complaining or assessing “support”?

      I see now that they have a new version that works on OS >4.6, 5 and 6.
      Did Anyone tried it yet?

      I’ve been told they are offering a free update for those who purchased the old version.

      • Any companies’ success is in part tied to its ability to get its customers to advocate and market its product. A net positive customer advocacy in comparison to detractors or negative customer advocacy is the most crucial metric and path to sustained profitability. Voipswitch falls short in the support it provides to its users. I obviously base my assessment on my own customer experience. Comparisons of other competitors also revealed a far better customer experience. Hopefully the company will post a general support email and embrace the feedback.

  7. Do you have demo version?

  8. Can someone actually confirm that Vippie works on BB Curve (8520)? Also, is EDGE really fast enough to carry the conversation or does lag occur?


  9. HI,
    We have released a new version of the blackberry sip client. It fixes all the problems with regsitration to 3rd party sip server. Also it now supports all handsets running OS5 and also OS6. ofcourse OS 4.6 is still supported. the dialer should work properly also on Storm and other models.
    if you have any problems please let me know
    best regards,
    [email protected]

  10. I have tested this release in 4.6/5.0 on multiple models and it made no improvement in registering with my 3rd party sip server.

    The issue may be a lack of separate domain and proxy fields. Voipswitch appears to only supports 1, domain. SIP products from Counterpath, Joiper, NCH, Sip Communicator, Blackvoib have both fields and I am able to register using all of them. Can this be fixed?

  11. BlackVoib is out of beta and at version 1.0.0. It will have direct Google Voice integration. When that time comes (very soon), even majicJack is too expensive.

  12. the outbound proxy is not supported. we support it in our other dialers. we will add also to the blackberry version. Untill now i have not recieved any demand for it.
    The latest version which is on our store supports now also GSM codec which should help all that try the dialer over 3g
    best regards,

  13. I forgot to add it works on OS 6 as well

    • So you are saying that this is working on the new blackberry os6, does this also include the Torch?

      Is this a true voip/sip client or just another dialer? I am looking for one that works specifically over wifi with the link2voip or vbuzzer service. Is there any way to have a 7 day demo type thing before shelling out $30 for the product to find out if it works and meets ones needs? I have no issues paying for a product, but want to make sure it is correct for what I need and works.

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