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Verizon Roadmap Leaked Showing Storm3 9570 & Curve 9330

Verizon Logo 2 I am a little bit confused with this latest Verizon fall 2010 roadmap leaked by PhoneArena. According to them Verizon is possibly launching the Storm 3 9570 in October and it will run BlackBerry 6 though it will ALSO have a SurePress touchscreen. I thought we were done with SurePress… I really hope they are wrong on that one. Its bad enough that the Torch is using recycled parts we don’t need the Storm to give us more of the same. Keep in mind that our sources say this new Storm3 will also add a mobile hotspot feature so there is some good news.

The other part of the roadmap shows that the BlackBerry Curve 3 9330 is coming in October. I don’t really understand the point of the 9330 since the only difference between it and the 8530 is the addition of BlackBerry 6. EVERY other feature is the same.

So far 2010 looks pretty much like more of the same except for the new form factors for the Torch and clamshell. Hopefully RIM stays on track to blow these models away in 2011.

via PhoneArena via IntoMobile

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  1. I like!!! I know some don’t like SurePress, but I love it… and I’m not going to apologize for doing so. Typing on solid glass just feels weird. I have a hard time with Bolt & Opera browsers on my Storm since they don’t use SurePress — hope Bolt & Opera developers are listening! At least you should give users the option whether to bypass SurePress on the Storm.

    Using those browsers on the Storm and on my iPod Touch, I can’t tell if I’ve tapped on the link… and I wait and wait… to see if anything happens before tapping again and again. I don’t have that problem with SurePress-aware apps. Really, we need folks to think outside the box now and then rather than just copying the iPhone. RIM saw this as a problem with the iPhone and they did something they consider better, and I agree with them. Believe it or not, SurePress does have a following and RIM is right to not ignore those who prefer it.

    I’m sure RIM will maintain two types of touchscreens for those who don’t like SurePress; AKA the Torch line. I hope to see some killer specs on the Storm 3 — RIM has covered the low-end with the Pearl 3G & Curve 3G, they have the Torch and 9700 covering the mid-range, but now they have a gaping V-O-I-D at the high, power-user end of the spectrum. We want to see something that can compete spec-to-spec with some of the latest Droids.

    Someone rightly suggested that PC buyers look at specs when buying a new laptop or desktop. They eliminate those with lower specs — they never even try or consider them. These same people are shopping for smartphones, and they are bound to shop in the same manner. Such is the issue and challenge facing the new Torch. Perhaps it is a great device to use, but many will never try it because of the sub-par specs. RIM needs to rectify this in any future BlackBerry devices.

    I’m with you on your comment on the Curve 9330 being a duplicate of the 8530 but running BlackBerry 6. I know RIM is trying to provide businesses with cheap Curves that are running the latest OS, but it is a complete yawner for off-the-street customers. I suppose most of those would buy a more exciting eye-candy phone anyway, so that upgrade is really only for businesses.

  2. Here we go again with the same ole…. same ole from Rim. Nothing Spectacular.

  3. Ronen, you’re always bashing SurePress. Have you actually used it for more than a few minutes? Everybody I know that has a Storm2 loves SurePress. I’ll admit that the implentation of SurePress on the original Storm wasn’t that great because the screen was one big button, the screen itself was slightly loose (on purpose) and it didn’t support multitouch but it’s great on the Storm2. I’ve switched back and forth between touch screen Android phones (Droid, Droid Incredible, Droid X) and my Storm2 all the time and I find myself making so many more typing mistakes, accidentally launching apps and checking checkboxes on the Android devices than on the Storm2.

    I’m convinced that most of the people who bash SurePress have only used it for a few minutes if they’ve even used it at all. I challenge everyone who bashes it (including you Ronen) to try using a Storm2 9520 or 9550 WITH AN OPEN MIND for a week or 2 and then give your honest feedback. If you try using it with the idea that it stinks then you won’t be giving it a fair chance.

    • Glad to hear others speak up about their love for SurePress!

      I would like to add that even the original Storm’s SurePress was still good. The only trouble with it was that the “effect” was diminished towards the edges of the screen… because they only used one “button”. Storm 2 fixed that.

      Again, I’m sure RIM will try to appease both camps in the future, but let’s just call it a draw and move on.

      Some Android users are praising Swype, for example. I find it much slower to use one finger and track with it across the keys than to use two thumbs. But, hey, if they love it so much then all the best to them. It just doesn’t work for me.

      • I’ve been using Swype on the Droid X for a few weeks now and I’m still not as fast typing on it as I am with the SureType (compact qwerty/2 letters each key) keyboard on the Storm2. I also used Swype on the Droid Incredible for several weeks. Swype isn’t bad but I can’t get as fast as that guy in the Samsung world’s fastest texter commercial. Even the compact qwerty keyboard option on the Droid Incredible isn’t as good as SureType on the Storm series.

        • Great stuff! It would be nice to hear similar stories from other SurePress fans.

          I used to use the SureType keyboard (2 letters per key) but it is not perfect. I then relunctantly switched to the full portrait keyboard to give it a real try. There wasn’t a learning curve or anything but it was a matter of trusting it to respond correctly. It took me 3 days to just completely trust it and type without looking at where my thumbs were going. Once I did that, it was like moving to a different dimension. I can now blaze away and the odd time I make a mistake it’s no biggie as it will give me options to choose from.

          The one thing I don’t like about the full portrait keyboard is having to type my password using the smaller keys. That is awkward when in a rush compared to the SureType with the larger keys.

  4. I’ve only played with Storm 1’s. And I’m not going to bash it, but I’m more upset that it will just be an Odin Refresh. Come on…Step up to the plate RIM! You are playing in the over 30’s Sunday league right now..jump up to the bigger leagues. You can do! Stop refreshing. Bring newer, better capable/functional devices. Wow us!

    • I agree. The Storm3 better have a higher resolution screen than the previous Storms and the Torch. It should have a 480 x 800 pixel screen. But I have a distinct feeling it will still be 360 x 480 just like the Storm, Storm2 and Torch. It also better have a faster processor. I don’t want to be waiting for the new webkit browser to render web pages because the processor is so slow.

  5. I just found this and I like the examples you have given. I am going to subscribe to your RSS feeds, so that I can read more in the near future.

  6. The article I read yesterday said Storm3 would NOT have BlackBerry 6. Something like it but not the same. Perhaps BlackBerry 6.1?

    I’ve used storm and storm2 and have NO PROBlEM with Surepress on either other than the single button issue on the original. I look forward to this Storm3 and the 3rd generation if SurePress.

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