Neelam Complex Number Scientific Calculator for BlackBerry

neelam With back to school season in full swing I thought it would be pertinent to mention Neelam which was just released by Adam Boulfoul. Neelam is a scientific calculator for BlackBerry and claims to be the only one that can handle complex notation and algebraic input. I doubt teachers will let you take your BlackBerry out during a test but this is the perfect backup calculator if you forgot yours in the dorm.

Neelam is on sale now in the store for $5.99 (reg. $9.99) at this link

From the description:

As of August 2010, this is the only calculator on the BlackBerry that can handle complex numbers. It supports RPN notation (Reverse Polish Notation) used for algebraic syntax input. This has MANY more features than standalone calculators at this price, and is especially recommended for scientists, engineers and students.


  • RPN notation (algebraic syntax) — enter expressions as you see from books (e.g. "log(sin(3+4))") instead of having to work backwards
  • Complex numbers — all functions support both real and imaginary inputs (with the exception of the factorial function), so you can evaluate "arcsinh(3+4i)" or "arccos(2)"
  • A wide range of functions — all the standard functions scientific calculators can offer plus many more (e.g. polar input, cartesian-polar conversion, absolue values, conjugate)
  • Over 20 physical constants embedded — no need to search through reference books
  • Comprehensive keyboard shortcuts — all functions and numbers (with the exception of physical constants) have keyboard shortcuts, specifically chosen to make input as quick as possible
  • Sleek and simple display — all of the above features are all on just 2 screens!

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