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Exactly How Much Faster is the WebKit Browser in BlackBerry 6?

Those of you who have never tried a BlackBerry 6 device might be wondering how fast RIM could really make the WebKit browser. Those of you who already have a BlackBerry Torch 9800 might be wondering what magic RIM pulled off with the new WebKit browser. If RIM gave the rest of the BlackBerry OS the same performance overhaul as the browser then they would have a SMASHING hit on their hands. Now also notice how much slower your OS 5.0 browser is compared to the competition that was using WebKit for years now…


I noticed this last slide in Jason Mace’s write up on the AT&T/RIM BlackBerry 6 Developer Webcast and had to mention it by itself. Just look how RIM made the BlackBerry 6 WebKit browser exponentially better than OS 5.0. Thank you Torch Mobile for making this happen! Now I understand why RIM named the device for you.

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  1. It sure as hell doesn’t feel that much faster.

    • Why is that so?

    • Probably, that is probably…when the bold 9700 OS 5 web browser working with all the bells and whistles working (aka: Java script) and the 9800 OS 6 with everything disabled (Java script disabled).
      If you have both devices or at least with your 9800 you can test part of my theory.
      Why am I saying that? well they didn’t say that speed is with everything enabled or disabled so who knows what they meant, right?

    • I’m going to have to agree with Simon…

      The browser really doesn’t feel that much faster than OS 5.0. When you compare the BlackBerry 6 Browser to the Android Webkit browser… Android still wins.

  2. I went to my local AT&T store a couple days ago just to play with the Torch and get a hands on. And guess what? I’m not impressed. I’m still rocking the Storm 9530. There was nothing about the Torch that made me all goo goo ga ga over it like how a lot of people are making it out to be. Sure the webkit browser makes it more pleasing to surf the web but that’s it. The little spinning clock kept popping up every couple of minutes and that was the nail in the coffin for me right there. Sorry Rim and to the rest of you Torch lovers.

    • Did you make sure people didn’t leave stuff running in the background? The new app management page shows you exactly what’s running and what % of cpu each process uses.

      Frequently people go to use it in-store and someone leaves something like a game running utilizing a large chunk of the cpu…

  3. I’m glad I got the 9700 still… Once it gets the 06, then I’ll see if I should downgrade or keep 06…since all the bad reviews about… RIM needs to pick it up thou

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