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RIM Sold 150,000 BlackBerry Torch 9800s This Past Weekend?

Produce - apples and oranges woman Analysts over at RBC Capital Markets and Stifel Nicolaus together seem to think that RIM sold about 150,000 BlackBerry Torch 9800s this past weekend. While 150,000 devices is pretty impressive for a phone locked to AT&T for now it is still a far cry from the iPhone which everyone is comparing it to. Maybe RIM will make a killing once it starts rolling out internationally?

Still the WSJ makes a good point by saying that a large group of BlackBerry users are corporate device holders which usually do not buy them for their fleet on launch day. I am assuming that once prices get down to $50 and RIM brings out models for CDMA carriers and around the world then sales will pick up. The issue I think RIM is having is that when you compare them based on numbers like device specs and other features they don’t stack up well.

So what do you think? Is 150,000 devices underwhelming?

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  1. No I agree that’s a good start, but don’t forget there are a LOT of 9700s out there and since it will also get OS 6 I bet many will keep their 9700s for now in anticipation. If I hadn’t got a 9650 recently I’d also a screaming for a Torch.

    Hint hint Ronen, need an OS 6 leak for the 9650 🙂

  2. Blackberries are different than iphones because so many of us users are corporate and can’t just change carriers on a whim. We’re pretty much stuck with what our company chooses…..unfortunately we’re all Verizon at my company. Once the Torch comes to Verizon those numbers will spike dramatically!

  3. Business users = much slower upgrades and no real initial release hype.

  4. Totally agree. While the Torch doesn’t have much wow factor that will inspire non-corporate users to buy it, organizations that have BES (which is most of them) will move to whatever the most appropriate model is in due course.

    That said, its still not a very impressive phone, which is what is going to continue to leave it open to negative comparisons to Android/iPhones.

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