Real or Fake Screenshots of BlackBerry 9890 & 9850

9890 9850

You have to love trying to get to the bottom of real or fake pictures. The team over @BBLeaks was sent two images of the about screen on what is supposedly a BlackBerry 9890 and a BlackBerry 9850. These devices make sense since RIM is banking hard on the Torch and they are probably going to port it to CDMA and 4G. The 9890 picture shows a device running which they think might possibly indicate a 4G device.

The other 9850 screenshot if it is real would probably be a CDMA device and is shown with and shows it is 4G which might mean we are seeing a 4G device soon. Its odd that the screenshot is in Spanish but that does not totally mark it as a fake.

Without going to far into these screenshots what do you think of them?

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  1. Exciting to RIM moving ahead with their devices, they look real enough for me to be happy…if these are fakes, someone out there has some mad Photoshop skills!

  2. Lol, why the need for 4G on a Blackberry? People don’t use them for anything that needs speeds like that. The occasional Google search lol. Even with the new Webkit browser, it’s a joke.

    • I love it when people post senseless false comments … and don’t even bother to use real ID…

    • 4G is golden for online streaming either from bitbop or youtube when they turn HD.
      Also, do you tether? If you do, all that 4G speed is directed to your computer.
      The point I’m trying to understand is, how can we move on to 4G when 3G isn’t working full speed in most cities/States? Is it possible?

  3. Fake photos, unless proven otherwise if you ask me.

  4. FAKE! If it was real it would have 3G listed in the Bands also as a fall back to 4G. It should say “4G, 3G, Wi-Fi”.

  5. How is my comment senseless and what do you mean real ID? Do you mean my name? It’s Matt lol. Happy?

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