New BlackBerry Beginner Java Development Book by Bill Foust

BlackBery Development Beginners Guide There have been quite a few new BlackBerry development books released recently. The latest is from Bill Foust and is titled “BlackBerry Java Application Development: Beginner’s Guide.” The book is not exactly a beginner development guide but rather expects you to know Java but not mobile Java and the BlackBerry API’s. In other words it is targeted at current Java developers who want to branch out into BlackBerry development.

The book claims to help you:

  • Learn about the two approaches to develop BlackBerry applications
  • Understand how the SDK version relates to target devices and learn about the BlackBerry Developer Zone
  • Install the Java SDK, which is the foundation using the development environment
  • Install Eclipse with the BlackBerry Component Package and configure it with other Component Package versions
  • Import the existing HelloWorldDemo supplied with the software and compile and debug the application
  • Study PIM, create new PIM Items, and assign values to their fields
  • Set up a Screen with fields and create and use menus
  • Learn the usage of the Field styles and classes to the fullest
  • Study about a Layout Manager and create custom Dialogs on the fly to collect discrete pieces of information
  • Get to know the pros and cons for each record-based approach and pick the one that best meets your needs
  • Create new Personal Information Management (PIM) items and assign values to their fields
  • Understand the basics of HTTP and the correct usage of GET or POST
  • Learn the working of Global Position System and the three methods by which a BlackBerry handheld can get location information

You can pick up the book now on sale at Amazon for $33.94. So far there are no customer reviews but let us know what you think if you pick it up!

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