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OtterBox Defender for Apple iPad

Review: OtterBox Defender series for Apple iPad

[rating: 8 out of 10]

Cost: $89.95 USD

Link: iPad Defender Series Case

Now I know what you are all thinking, why on Earth are BerryReview, A BlackBerry based online magazine, doing a review on an Apple related product. Well, here’s my excuse, (as pathetic as it may be…)… OtterBox have been a large supporter of BerryReview over the years in providing their products for reviews and competition prizes so I thought I owed them at least one ‘Off Topic’ review. And besides, we’re all tech heads here aren’t we ? I myself use nothing but Apple products to write articles for BerryReview on. (I wouldn’t be seen dead using their phones but that’s a whole other bitch session).

Yep… I was one of those idiots… Standing out all night in the cold… Waiting for the much publicised release of the Apple iPad the next morning. The first thing that hit me when I took hold of it was ‘Don’t DROP the damn thing’. As with most modern devices, one drop and this baby is landfill. Enter… OtterBox Defender series for Apples newest toy, the iPad.

My first impression of this case was the sheer weight straight out of the box. It’s heavy duty. At 567 g or 20.7 oz this is no lightweight in any sense of the word.

Included in the delivery box is the OtterBox itself, a removable front cover that doubles as a stand, a military grade screen film cover and a full set of picture instructions.

If you take your time and follow the instructions correctly, unlike myself, the final installation is a great, snug fit and there is no movement or gaps for any dust or dirt to enter easily.

All of the buttons are still usable and the charge/sync port on the bottom can be accessed via a removable rear/bottom panel that clicks on and off positively. The only thing that can’t be accessed with the OtterBox fitted is the micro-sim slot but this is not something that users tend to swap in and out often so does not present an issue.

The precision in the engineering is typical OtterBox. Everything just works. No mess, no mods, no fuss. They did seem to go off the boil somewhat about 8 months ago but their latest products coming out of their factory now is as good as they have ever produced.

The OtterBox Defender for Apple iPad would be a perfect companion for anyone who takes their iPad with them on their busy day to day lives. This will allow you to take your iPad out at the beach if you want to relax with a romantic iBook or on the subway to catch the morning paper on the way to work without fear of wrecking your $1000+ toy.

All in all. This case is a must for anyone with an active lifestyle. Think about it. At $90 bucks, it’s great piece of mind and would make the perfect Birthday or Christmas gift for the important tech-head in your life… Or just go out and treat yourself…

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  1. Nice review Greg, but dang, people pay over $1000 for an iPad? Where?

  2. @greg
    So, are u getting a blackpad? 😀

  3. Ah, yes. I forgot, AUSSIE dollars, not USD.

  4. can i ask.. why do you not like iphones but you like the ipad. it musn’t be the operating sytem? so does it just come down to phone features?

    nice case, i personally don’t like the ipad because of the price, it just isnt worth it. I do have my reservations on this so calld blackpad but the one thing I like about RIM is their security but at apparently the same price as the iPad. i don’t think it’d be worth it too unles they seriously bump the hardware a notch and include external ports like USB.

    • in my opinion it should had been called an I touch, the iphone sucks as a phone.

    • Well, the screen is large enuf to watch shows or read up on books and stuff nicely with music and web surf and tons of apps.. Which is why I prefer this over the touch or phone. (At least no reception prob!)

    • I never stated I liked the iPad. It was one of the biggest wastes of money I have ever spent. There’s not really a niche for it for me. I’m not a big iBook reader or gamer and portable email is easier (and more secure) on my BlackBerry. I have a MB Pro which takes care of everything else. In fact, 1/2 hour after I wrote the article, I sold the iPad to a friend.
      I agree with you on the BlackPad. I’m a little sceptical as well. Hope to hell RIM include at least one UBS port but have my doubts.
      Kind Regards,
      Greg Myers

  5. IMO the bb sucks. I have been using the storm for a year now and it’s worst thing ever. For my company when the contract ends I’m getting our board to get euchre iPhones or android. Btw, I use the apple case for my iPad and it works great.

  6. The site is updated it has helped me alot. really rocking

  7. I love otter cases. Is this one as good as the iPhone version? If it’s a solid and sturdy I will order one right now.

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