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Poll: Did You Buy a BlackBerry Torch 9800 Yesterday?

Torch_9800_SideRight_Closed I know we asked yesterday if you were planning on picking up a BlackBerry Torch 9800 but I am curious how many of you actually did. RIM never releases launch data but at least from this we can see a crude percentage of how many people did pick one up. I know many of you want to buy one but it is not available for your carrier though hopefully RIM will keep rolling out the Torch at a fast pace. Those of you on CDMA networks I hope you get BlackBerry 6 soon since the browser makes it all worth it.

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If you did not get a BlackBerry Torch for any reason let us know why in the comments!

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  1. If the Torch was available from my carrier, I’d probably consider it since my Storm is woefully underpowered (CPU, RAM, and even SD flash capacity); however, I’m waiting on a beefed up Storm 3. I need a faster processor, lots more RAM (or 512MB if RIM moves installed apps to the 4GB device RAM!), higher res display & larger touchscreen, 2nd front facing videocam, and more collaboration tools.

    For me, the trouble with the 9800 is that the current specs are already quite dated. After a year of owning one, I’ll want an upgrade… which my carrier will not look to kindly upon. I do want another BlackBerry, but the pickings are rather slim as I won’t consider one with a smaller screen.

    Yes, I keep repeating myself, but I hope RIM is listening!!!

  2. No. I did not but one yesterday. I’d certainly be interested in looking one over. Maybe even a test drive.

  3. I would buy it immediately, but unfortunately it isn’t available in Europe right now.

  4. Bought yesterday and love it……

  5. I want one so bad, but stupid AT&T says I am not eligible for upgrade until November!

    Why can’t AT&T help promote sales for BB by doing what the Iphone4 and DroidX did by stating if anyone is up for contract in their remainder of the year then they automatically become eligible for early upgrade! I think this would be beneficial for Blackberry sales of the 9800/Torch.

    • I actually complained to a manager in the AT&T store when I went to get my Torch yesterday about this very issue, and she vowed to report the complaint to upper management. I have a family plan with two lines, and the secondary line was eligible for the upgrade, so I was able to get a Torch by switching the primary and secondary lines. It did cost me and $18 upgrade fee, but that’s OK.

      • Thanks for the advice, I have my AT&T rep he is waiting to talk to his General Manager next week when he returns from vacation. Hopefully there is something.

        I was playing with it in the store and I love it. I love the feel of the hardware and I marveled how it slid open, just like the high end kitchen drawers! I was also surprised at how fast and snappy the OS felt. Of course that could’ve been because nothing was on the phone yet and my AT7T rep just put the SIM card in, lol. I WANT ONE!!!! Hopefully soon!

      • Got the iPhone for the wife then a month later the Bold 9700 for myself. She came over from Sprint’s disappointing Instinct and I left Verizon and my first  , the Curve 8330, which I loved…so, neither of our lines are eligible for an upgrade.
        My work around:
        Buy the Torch (tomorrow at The Shack) as an added line to our family plan with $15 data plan. That, plus the $10 line fee will be offset by reducing her data plan in half to $15 and ridding ourselves of the insurance on my Bold & Roadside Assistance.
        Net increase to me of $3/month and I have a top-of-the-line Bold as our back up phone because I will put my current SIM card into the Torch.

    • Hey BBRulez, I got one last night myself. If you have the extra coin, you can upgrade early for a $70 fee. Guess it depends on how bad you want it!

  6. Anyone who purchased a Torch 9800 and use to own the Bold 9000 – the Bold 9000 case works with the Torch 9800 pretty well. If you face the screen toward the back, it will put it in sleep/vibrate mode!

    • Good call! I’m waiting for something good from Seidio and completely forgot about the case that came with my Bold 9000. Thanks for the great suggestion to get me by in the meantime.

  7. Not available on my carrier, and I wouldn’t pay money for it even if it was.
    I’m totally under-impressed. Blackberry 6 looks very nice and I can see great things coming from it, but the 9800 hardware looks like something straight out of 2008.

    • It may not seem impressive on paper, but if you have the slightest interest you should check it out for yourself.

      I was playing with it in the AT&T store and was so impressed how it feels, how it slides and how fast the OS feels. After all the reviews and bashing about the processor speed, I couldn’t believe how fast it felt compared to my 9000. I will definitely be upgrading to a new phone with OS 6, hopefully the Torch 9800!!!

  8. It definitely is very slick if you use it…

    Very thin, OS is very smooth. Touchscreen is perfectly responsive. Stupid Sprint, I hate you…

  9. Hello Yes I was the First one at my local Att store yesterday
    And bought 2 BB Torches 9800 my hubby and I wanted
    Them. So yes we were able to get them. And its awesome
    So far.

  10. I bought the Torch on August 12th. I went into AT&T looking to get a phone but not having any pre meditated decisions. I was drawn to the Torch simply by the fact that it has qwerty and touch screen. I’ve had it 5 days now, and I like it for the most part, but I am frustrated with some things. Mainly the screen freezes up on me sometimes, or it takes a while to go from one screen to another. Sometimes I have to touch an icon on the screen a few times to get it to open instead of just once which is how it is with iphones. I do like it better than the Bold I think, and the Apps are getting better at RIM. I am still figuring out if I will keep it or trade in for iphone 4 before the 30 days are up when I can exchange.

  11. I wasn’t offered that option. So, I added the third line to our family plan to get the subsidized price.

  12. I did not buy … using Bold 9000 on AT&T. Looked at one at Radio Shack and did not like the front buttons, which are no longer buttons .. I like the way the 9000 has them separated — the 9000 looks like better quality construction. I did watch the OS 6 –15 minutes on YouTube … and like the software more than new phone. Won’t be upgrading until the price comes down to $99.

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