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Are You Buying A BlackBerry Torch 9800 Today?

blackberry Torch As many of you know already the BlackBerry Torch 9800 launched on AT&T today so the floodgates have opened. Users have been waiting for the features available on BlackBerry 6 for quite awhile so I think the Torch will do very well. I know some people who are upgrading just for the new WebKit browser.

Let us know if you plan on picking up a BlackBerry Torch today in the comments. I am also interested in hearing how many of you plan on unlocking the Torch to work on a different carrier.

If you are still on the fence check out our previous reviews of BlackBerry 6 and the BlackBerry Torch 9800:

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  1. I’m definitely considering it. However it really does depend when it comes to the UK

  2. Does anyone know when its coming to t-mobile? I will get the phone hands down if it does

  3. When I’m eligible for an upgrade and when they have all the major bugs fixed.

  4. i am getting one today, counting the minutes

  5. 1 hr 38min 42 sec

  6. I wish rogers was releasing it today!!

  7. Can someone help me ship it over.. =(
    I heard we’re (my country) only getting after october..

  8. I would love to, but it seems that AT&T doesn’t care too much for the 11 years I’ve been their customer – won’t offer me a chance to re-up my contract a few months early.

    Will have to look into getting it untethered in a few months — perhaps I’ll give TMO a try.

  9. Just bought one for the wifey. Needless to say she loves it.

  10. Was very happy to find an AT&T Store in a mall in Cambridge yesterday…. right next door to where I was working. Had to wait about 45 mins in line. BUt that was for people still trying to get an iPhone 4. :rolleyes The store was happy to sell me a 9800, even though my account is in Tx.

    Had some issues with the Device Switch option from my 9700. Seems it crashed on the Facebook app from the 9700. Was able to manually move some of my apps. BUt things were wonky. And I had no access to Facebook at all. Was REALLY happy I had dowloaded the a few days ago. Was able to restore the correct FB files.

    One BIG thing to watch out for. Do NOT use MaxMem. I know I know.. DOH!! I should have known better. Had to do a /nojvm load and start over. No need to yell at me. I’ve been kicking my own @$$ all morning.

  11. I ran into the same facebook problem caused by me using switch device wizard including 3rd party apps.
    Btw what did MaxMem do? Did you use it to remove something or just install it?

    • hey would u know what would i have to do to get the internet working on t-mobile?, i bought the 9800 torch, unlocked, but i cant get the browser to work. i had a 9700…. when i try going to a internet site, i get a message that pops up:

      your device does not currently have any Browser Configuration Service Book Entries.

      Please contact your service provider to enable the Browser on your device.

      does this mean i have to change my blackberry internet web to a smartphone web through my t-mobile carrier.?

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